Flechs Sheets Changelog


Fixed: Issue importing units made in SSW with magshot ammo.


Fixed: Internal error, of no consequence, about duplicate armor key.


Fixed: Issue importing .mtfs with no chassis or model name.
Fixed: Unexpected behavior when attempting to derive crippled status for units with non-itemized inventories.
Added: Support for new clanname key in .mtf files.


Fixed: Unit list: Shogun C 2 entry should not be listed as having automations support. (Catalog data was updated: Unit should have Ferro-Lamellor armor which prohibits automations)


Fixed: Open alert modals should not appear in prints.
Change: Misc. changes to window message event handling and dispatch for use with Flechs VIII-invoked printing.


Update catalog with units form Turning Points: Foster


Fixed/Changed/Added: Talons handling (full support)
• Talons no longer prevent enabling automations.
• Talons now treated as a single non-contiguous component with consolidated status rather than two weapons.
• Foot crit(s) destroy talons.
• Talons/Talons Status displayed in inventory as modifications to Kick and DFA attacks.
• DFA and Kick damage calculation includes Talons. Drop in damage from damage to Talons is flagged like other physical attack reductions.
• Successful Kicks and DFAs w/ talons note Talons in log entry.
• Talons now listed under Clan equipment in equipment support page (per BMM).

Added: Hit-location rolls for incoming physical attack damage groups are displayed.
Added: In the log, attack hit-location rolls have a label indicating whether the computer rolled or the user input a roll: ⚙ (gear) if the computer rolled, 💁 if it was input, or no label if unknown (e.g. older attack data or some item where the roll origin is not tracked).
Added/Change: In the log, attack to-hit rolls include a ⚙ (gear) if the computer rolled; If the user selected the result, instead of a roll, 💁 "Hit" or 💁 "Miss" is displayed.

Change: DFA inventory entry heat is now always blank.


Fixed: Issue parsing names of units created in newer versions of MML
Fixed: .mtf files with communications equipment should not fail to import.
Fixed: .mtf files with inferno SRM ammo should not fail to import but instead be imported with standard SRM ammo.


Fixed: Shoulder crit target number penalty for ranged attacks should override other same-arm actuator penalties.


Fixed: There should be no CPLT-6K only a K6. Existing links to the 6K will open the K6. See 7.1.27 for details on how updated unit data is handled.


Catalog updates.


Fixed: Bug in Chrome around v122 on iPads where paper doll was unresponsive.


Fixed?: In Safari, "Update available" message should not appear after reloading after accepting an update.
Fixed?: Issue where a deleted force would still appear in user's account and could thereafter not be deleted.


Fixed: Issue in desktop Safari where sheet visually duplicates and becomes flush left in container after marking damage immediately after the sheet reveals for the first time.


Fixed: On a sheet without automations on, red diagonal ranged-attack-prohibition-lines should appear immediately, when sensors are destroyed, over ranged attacks.
Fixed: On a sheet with automations on, red diagonal ranged-attack-prohibition-lines should appear immediately, when sensors are destroyed, over ranged attacks that were not declared that turn, unless the sheet is in weapons phase and no ranged attacks have been declared.
Fixed: The status of a weapon's fire control system entry (targeting computer, Artemis, Apollo) in the inventory entry for that weapon should visually update independently of the weapon -- if it was previously destroyed, it should be dim, but if it is functional and its weapon is destroyed, it should be black.


Added: Navigate to next tab and previous tab using ctrl+[ and ctrl+].
Added: Display custom mechs sent from Flechs VIII (requires Flechs VIII v0.7.6, currently unreleased).
Added: If unable to find a sheet in a force sent from Flechs VIII, use a provide fallback mtf (requires Flechs VIII v0.7.6, currently unreleased).

Change: Minimum iOS Safari requirement 13.1 >>> 13.4
Change: Double clicking/tapping while zoomed out will center the sheet on the double clicked point (in addition to zooming in).
Change: Sheet zoom is not reset when tabbing away and back to sheet or tabbing away from site and back.
Change: (Internal) Removed legacy pointer events polyfill.

Fixed: Internal bug that could cause visual glitches on load when opening sheets requested by Flechs VIII.
Fixed: In Chrome on Android when running full screen the window height can become incorrect after loading a sheet, causing it to display large and cropped, until the screen is tapped.
Fixed: Landscape orientation should not be prohibited when installed from the web on an Android tablet.
Fixed: Tables and other record sheet elements should not appear black in FireFox's print preview. Fixed: Mouse press immediately after scroll-zoom gesture should interrupt the scroll-zoom (in the case of velocity scrolling) and begin a pan gesture.
Fixed: Right clicks on a sheet that bring up the browser context menu should not bork sheet gesture controls.
Fixed: Double clicks/taps on tabs should not change the viewport/entire site.
Fixed: Pinch gestures on non-sheet pages should not zoom viewport/entire site.
Fixed: A triple tap should not result in a sheet immediately jumping to being zoomed in/out (it should stop mid-transition).
Fixed: On desktops the sheet should not be blurry after keyboard-shortcut-triggered sheet navigation transitions complete.
Fixed: On iPadOS running 15.4+, changes in window height due to things like the system removal of the tab bar should not result in Flechs Sheets being shorter than the window.
Fixed: In Chrome, Flechs Sheets should not display shorter than the window (even if Chrome initially reports the wrong height :P)
Fixed: On iPadOS a sheet's gesture controls should not become stuck or misbehave after the user returns after having used a four-finger-change-app-gesture to move into the App Switcher.
Fixed: On desktop browsers, a sheet's gesture controls should not misbehave if the window is resized while the sheet is zoomed in.
Fixed: In some cases on mobile devices, a sheet's gesture controls should not become stuck or misbehave if the window is resized due to orientation change while the sheet is zoomed in.
Fixed?: Pressing 'reset zoom' should eliminate cases of a sheet's gesture control misbehaving.


Fixed: Issue parsing unit names in files generated by newer versions of SSW.


Fixed: Issue in Desktop Safari 16.x+ where sheet would visually duplicate and become flush left in container after mousing over a critical location.


Fixed: Clan Streak SRM6 prototype behavior, to-hit modifier, cluster modifier.
Fixed: Clan Improved Large Laser heat.
Fixed: Clan Improved Gauss Rifle should consume clan gauss ammo.
Fixed: Issue parsing stealth armor in .mtfs produced by SSW.
Fixed?: Possible issue parsing other advanced Inner Sphere armors .mtfs produced by SSW.


Fixed: Issue parsing units with Clan Arrow IV cluster ammo. This ammo should show up as 'Clan Arrow IV ammo'.
Changed: Standalone laser heat sink components will be interpreted as (and display as) Clan Double Heat Sink. Mixing them with single heat sinks is not supported.
Added stats for the equipment below.


Mechs with 'Mek' in name now display with 'Mech'. For the time being, URLs will still contain 'Mek' to ensure links from 7.1.20+ can open correctly in earlier versions. This may change in the future.
Fixed glyph issue in Mackie Killroy variant name.
Fixed internal issue in .mtf parser where trailing whitespace in unit name could be left untrimmed possibly leading to unexpected behavior when importing .mul files.


Fixed: IS RAC/5 Ranges
Catalog update: Missing Hanseatic Crusade units


Catalog update:
Atlas C date etc.


Catalog update:
Fixed introduction dates for several Ryoken variants.
👋 Newest official Crab 27 record sheet has a hands in both arms, so now the 27 has hands in both arms.
Added units from Shrapnel Vol 13.


Attack Calculator should not be always visible in some versions of iOS13.
Should be possible to export and save session files on iPhones running iOS 13+.
Added warning about printing bug in Firefox 116.
Added tip about changing move mode.


Change: LB-X AC ammo bins flagged with 'CL' to clarify Flechs treats all LB-X ammo as cluster.
Change: LB-X ACs flagged with '(Cluster)' in inventory to clarify Flechs treats all LB-X as using cluster ammo.


Unit list/Catalog updated with late additions to earlier rec-guides and units from Shrapnel 2-12


Unit list/Catalog updated through rec-guide 32.
Fixed: Star Adder should have alt name 'Blood Asp'.
Fixed: Issue parsing IS Heavy Flamer Ammo
Fixed: Issue parsing Blazer Cannon


"Protmomek AC" now displays as "Protomech AC"
"Mek Sprayer" now displays as "Mech Sprayer"
"Mek Null Signature System" now displays as "Mech Null Signature System"
Other internal changes to prep for future migration from "Mek" to "Mech"


Fixed: Corrected 7 item cluster table presented on sheet.
Fixed: Sheets for mechs with no ranged weapons may have exhibited unexpected behavior when automations are enabled.
Fixed: AUTO should be an allowed option for Piloting Skill Check automation setting.

Change: Tiny typography tweak on dice-roll column of cluster chart to make 6 and 8 more visibly distinct.


Fixed: When determining crippled status weapons with no ammo remaining should not count.


Fixed issues importing .mul files with JagerMechs and UrbanMechs.
Fixed: Alert should be shown if no similar units are found on mul import.


Fix: Internal 7 item cluster table used for cluster hits incorrect.
Known Issue: 7 item cluster table presented on sheet is incorrect.

Change: iOS minimum requirements changed from 13.1 to 13.7 as 13.7 is the latest release a device that can run 13.x should be able to run.


Fix: Mixed-tech mechs with clan chassis are now presumed to have CASE in any location with an explosive component unless IS CASE is included in that section.


Fix: There should only be one UM-R96 in the unit list.


Change/Fix: Option order for PSR resolution should be 'Pass, Fail' not 'Fail, Pass'.


Change: Even in Manual mode destroying a location with a cockpit destroys the pilot.
Fixed: Flooding CT of mech with center torso mounted cockpit drowns the pilot.
Fixed: Destroyed CT of mech with center torso mounted cockpit destroys the pilot.

Bug hunting.


Fixed: A mech firing a weapon spread across an arm and torso should not be permitted to punch with that arm or push.
Fixed: A mech firing a weapon spread across an arm and torso while prone is presumed to be propping on the opposite arm.
Change: The location entry in the inventory for weapons split across arm and torso will be shown as LT|A or RT|A


Fixed: If a user destroys a location by applying damage directly to internal structure, and a crit on an ammo bin results, the ammo explosion damage should not be zero.


Fixed: Issue parsing .mtf with inner sphere light engine.


Hit Location automation setting: Defaults to ASK.
Fall direction options list includes d6 roll and fall facing description.

Fall Damage automation setting. (This was always a stand in for a hit location automation setting)

Internal issue with how elevation difference was set that could cause unexpected behavior during physical attack resolution.
Should not be allowed to select 'target lower' when attacking with claws.
Should not be allowed to select 'target lower' and target prone when attacking with hatchet/sword.
In Safari, when options for a roll appear in a vertical list, options should be the same width.
When resolving charge against target not in water, attacking unit should not end up in depth 'undefined'.
It should be possible to inflict a TAC on self from charge damage to self.


Fixed: Automation setting for piloting checks should be respected when advancing to next turn.
Fixed: Chrome: Sometimes on launch app height is incorrect. (Chrome is reporting wrong height :( )


Fixed: Clan XXL engines should not be flagged as blocking automations.


Fixed: XXL engine should be accounted for in movement heat.


Catalog update to address Man O War T >>> X errata
Previous Man O War T data is now found under the added Man O War X.
Current Man O War T data now correct.


Unsupported units in mech menu now have tags that say "Unsupported" and an alert is displayed if user attempts to select them.

Alert on launch that Brave is not supported.


Unit list/Catalog updated through rec-guide 24.

Known but unsupported units are listed in mech menu but marked with an 'x' and struck through.
You can attempt to load them and receive a notice about why they're not supported.

Unit designation generation should cope with cases of nicknamed variants of variants (e.g. Grasshopper 7K vs Grasshopper 7K 'Gravedigger') and include them in unit list. This should make half a dozen or so variants available and also improve some issues importing .mul files with nicknamed units.

Unit designation generation should not treat industrial mechs with "Standard" in their name like clan non-omni's with "Standard" in their name. This should make a few industrialmech variants available and also improve some .mul import issues for those units.

Koshi non-omni variants should appear in unit list. Koshi Standard data should be loaded for Koshi Standard.

Long unit names in unit menu should not wrap, should truncate.

Issue parsing units with Artemis FCS mounted in shoulder turret.

After pressing up with unit menu open, autocomplete text should update.


Firebase deploy additions.


Catalog update to add Panther PNT-9ALAG

Disabling internal error logging to investigate an issue.


Fixed: Dates for Warhammer IIC 10 and 11


Fixed: Nova T >>> Nova X catalog correction
Fixed: Some Stormcrow variants listed out of order.


Fixed: Issue where when encountering defunct sheet data if the user ok'd showing the new sheet Flechs would fail to render the new sheet.


Add: For Clan mechs with Inner Sphere aliases, toggle between the names using the unit name dropdown.


Fix: Clicking unit name should not trigger alert.


Change: Loki Prime inventory now only omits its four A-Pods :P


Fixed: Range and heat incorrect for Rocket Launchers 15 and 20.


Fixed: Rolling the exact TN to avoid shutdown should always count as a success.


Fixed: Targeting computer should apply to AP Gauss rifles.
Fixed: Units with a targeting computer that effects weapons that are not itemized (i.e. grouped into a single entry with a #) should not fail to open.


Fix: Text-size glitch introduced in Chrome 104. Issue with svg text node rendering in shadow root when parent opacity and z-depth change.


Updated catalog manifest w/ Golden Century Units


Fixed: Bug parsing standard clan armor in some .mtfs due to Mordel.net naming convention.


Fixed: Issue where links to public force would not open force.


Fixed: Bug parsing hardened armor in some .mtfs due to naming convention change in MM.


Added: Support for chemical lasers. This is necessary for an incoming catalog update that incorporates errata that will cause the current nova T variant to swap out for one with chemical lasers. :P

Fixed: Bug parsing thunderbolt launcher in some .mtfs due to naming convention change in MM.


Added: Additional abbreviations for Heavy Lasers.
Should prevent inventory names from colliding with location column when a targeting computer is present.

Fixed: IS anti-missile system ammo should be 24 rounds, not 12.
• If a saved sheet with an IS AMS is loaded and that sheet has used ammo, an alert about the global correction will be displayed once (ever).
• If such a sheet has spent 12 or more rounds, its rounds will be 0 and an alert will be displayed about the bin being potentially newly empty due to the correction.


Update catalog manifest based on IS C variant catalog update.


Fixed: When loading a saved force that contains a unit for which its saved design data doesn't match the data on the server in a meaningful way (likely due to a catalog update):

• The design data in the save file will be used, not the data on the server.
• An alert will appear that a new version of the sheet is available.
• The sheet's tab will display a purple " ".
• The sheet's variant description will include "
old design data".
• 'Link to design' option will not show in sheet tab/name dropdowns.


Fixed: IS Gauss rifle long range should be 22, not 21.


Fixed: Fluid gun range should be 1/2/3


Fixed: Location CASE flag should be shown in IS mechs with CASE in a torso but no explosive component.


Fixed: Issue importing units made in SSW that mount void sig system or pile driver.


Fixed: Rear torso armor locations should show as destroyed when that torso is destroyed.


Fixed: Regression introduced in 6.0: Crits to upper and lower leg actuators should induce a +2 to hit penalty for kicks.


Fixed: Issue parsing mechs with Talons.


Fixed: Issue parsing mechs created in SSW with Clan Ferro-Lamellor armor.


Fixed: Laser heatsinks (unsupported) should fallback to double heat-sinks, not singles.


Fixed: Weapon heat effects shouldn't be applied to target if they attack didn't hit.


Fixed: When a mech with TSM and a supercharger hits 9 heat, the MP values in the TSM MP column and the Boosted MP column in the MP display are not correct.

Change: When a mech's heat is set above 4 and it has TSM, only its current MP will be displayed. Its TSM MP will be omitted and a "*" will be displayed next to the walk mp.


Added: On .mul import, if system can't find matching unit, will provide a list of options to select from.

Fixed: Issue loading links to stock units when sheet is Clan non-omni with IS nickname and sheet is using Clan name.
Fixed: Viper (Black Python) Standard should not be listed twice.
Fixed: Issue loading .mul files including clan mechs with IS aliases.
Fixed: Issue with url encoding in sitemap


Fixed: Units from Tukayyid should appear in unit catalog.


Fixed: Prints from FireFox (desktop) should not be blurry / low res.
Fixed: Double-tapping print button in Firefox on iPad should not zoom site.
Added: Instructions for how to print from FireFox iOS are displayed if user taps print while in FireFox on iOS. (But not on iPad because FF doesn't identifiy itself on iPad).


Added: Chrome v96 warning.


Fixed: Typo: "neurohelmate" -> "neurohelmet".


Catalog update: Units from from IlClan, Tukayyid, and Rec-guides 13-18 should be available.

Fixed: Various visual issues in inventory around Targeting Comps. and long-named weapons.
Added: Additional abbreviations for Re-engineered lasers.
Added: Additional abbreviations for Micro Pulse Laser.
Added: Additional abbreviations for Improved Heavy Small Laser.
Added: Additional abbreviations for Er Pulse Lasers.

Fixed: Dropping multiple .mtfs should result in each file being imported, not just the first.
Fixed: Some long-named components extending into the numbering area of another location's critical hit chart. (Crit-table will display a component abbreviation < 19 characters if available )
Fixed: Typo 'Innert' -> 'Inert'

Change: Visual tweaks to loading screen and main tab.


Added testing item in preview ( flechs.net/sheets-preview ): Click quirks to display full list in pop-over.


Fixed: Clan Plasma Cannon should be 0 damage. (!)


Fixed: Clan Plasma Cannon should be 7 heat, not 0. (!)


Fixed: Slots of a multi-slot component should be labeled part of a multi-part-component -- issue could lead to explosive components exploding multiple times when crit multiple times.

This issue was introduced in a previous fix for bracketing logic meant to address an issue that appeared in cases where a splittable component was unnecessarily (but legally) split across sections.


Added note about equipment support limitations in import mtf info popover.


Fixed: Typo: "Gaurdian ECM" >>> "Guardian ECM"


Fixed: Heat induced ammo explosions should cause the bin with the most destructive ammo -per shot- to explode (not the bin with the most destructive total explosion liability), and if two bins have rounds of the same explosive liability, the one with the most rounds explodes.

Limitation: If there are two bins of the same liability, the computer picks.


Fixed: Leading and trailing whitespace in a match name is ignored.


Fixed: Issue parsing .mtfs generated by Mordel.net due to lack of alias for various armor types.


Added: Basic .mul import support: Import Units w/ pilot skills/name. If nickname is present for pilot in mul import, it's used instead of the pilot's name.

Fixed: Attacker movement modifier values should be displayed next to corresponding movement modes.

Added: "?" (help) sub-buttons to .mtf and .mul buttons.


Fixed: IS Laser AMS should be 7 heat not 5.


Fixed: Lance inherent modifer should be +1 not 0. (It was listed as 0 in an earlier BM printing but has been since errata'd to +1.)


Fixed: Successful aimed shots at the head from rear should resolve when doing 'resolve all'
Fixed: When doing 'resolve each' for incoming attacks, options dropdown should display when touching an attack that involves a successful aimed shot at the head from the rear.


Update Workbox dependency.
Finish removing vestigal Google analytics invocations.


Internal tweak to make use in TTS 'not impossible'.
In the process of removing vestigal Google analytics invocations.


Fixed: RAC damage should be #r6, not #r5


Updated internal Firebase dependency. Since Flechs Sheets v5 released several bugs in Firestore have been identified and resolved that may have resulted unexpected behavior in some circumstances.

Updated internal FirebaseUI dependency. Should have no effect other than eliminating a hack in the build process.

Updated internal LitElement/LitHTML dependencies. Small chance of eliminating a small memory leak.

Various fixes for certain memory leaks created by opening and closing sheets and dropdown use. Some fixes currently only work for Chrome and Firefox but will activate in Safari in a future Safari update. Should improve performance and stability during long-duration use. Note: if things ever seem like they're bogging down during a long game a simple save and refresh should help...

Potential internal error around heat-scale modification is logged but doesn't throw (potentially interrupting whatever process it happened during...)

Silenced unnecessary internal error on firing Ultra (@2x) with 1 round left.


Added: One-time tip/alert about the ability to adjust attacks after the fact.


Fixed: Issue resolving crits on shoulder turret.
Fixed: Issue restoring destroyed sections that have a shoulder turret.


Fixed: Rapid fire weapon jammed status should be togglable on sheets with non-itemized inventories.
Fixed: Issue where losing a location with a void signature system could cause unexpected behavior.
Fixed: Issue where restoring LA from destruction or blown-off could lead to unexpected behavior. (introduced in 7.0.5)
Known issue: RF weapon is not visually presented as recently destroyed on subsequent crit.


Fixed: Issue loading saves for units with Rapid-fire weapons and non-itemized inventories.

Known issue: Rapid-fire weapons can not be flagged jammed if the unit's inventory can not be itemized. (fixed)


Fixed: Issue that effected restoring saves of units with a component split across multiple sections and where in one section the component slots were followed by an empty slot.

Internal cleanup.


Fixed: Should be able to select location you aim at when firing at immobile unit.


Fixed: Regression: Issue marking internal in Firefox on tablets.


Fixed: Issue where the target of one or more specific weapon attacks could be incorrect after declaring a primary target, then a secondary, then adding/changing declared attacks at the primary target.

Change: Secondary target tab labels changed to numeric.


Fixed: Issue with network attacks introduced in v7.


Added: Weapon heat effects on target for Flamers and Plasma weapons.
Limitation: Flamers behave as if the optional rule 'Enhanced Flamers' is always in effect — this can not be changed.
NOTE: Weapon heat effects require attacking and target players be using v7.x.x or higher.

Added: Automation option for 'weapon effect'. Applies to plasma weapon rolls for target heat. Defaults to ASK.

Fixed: Clan Plasma Cannon should not display as Plasma Rifle.
Fixed: Mek Tasers should have a +1 to hit modifier.
Fixed: Issues parsing entries for IS heavy flamer and vehicle flamer in mtf files.


Fixed: Heat for MRM 20,30,40 should be 6,10,12.


Fixed: Per the rules, if a unit's starting loadout had a max range < 5 the crippling damage clause 'ranged attack range < 5' should never apply.

Internal: Build target changed from es2017 to es2018; Older browsers that were not technically supported are now even less supported.


Added: Full support support for clan compact engine.
Added: Display support for Ground Mobile HPG; Doesn't block automations butis innert.
Added: Manual-marking only support for iATM. Damage and range display as "*". Standard, HE and ER rounds for iATM display as just 'ATM' ammo.
Added: TSEMP one-shot. Limitation: No effects on hit.


Added: Full support for Actuator Enhancement System...
• AES effects on attacks included in "Actuator Status" modifier.
• Each AES takes up an inventory slot.

Change: In logged attack calculation, Actuator damage mods listed as "Actuator Status" instead of "damage" or "Missing/Damaged actuators"


Added: CASE / CASE II flags on crit table location names were appropriate. Note: Though Clan mechs receive case for free in any location the CASE label is only displayed when a location has explosive components.

Added: Full support for CASE II.
• 62 additional units can now use automations.
• New CASE II Crit Mitigation automation settings.

Added: Full Support for Magshot Gauss Rifle.
Added: Partial support for Mek Taser. Limitation: Hits cause no effects beyond damage.
Added: Display Radical Heat Sink system -- Inert but does not block automations.
Added: Display Blue Shield. Limitation -- Inert but does not block automations.
Added: Display RISC Emergency Coolant System -- Inert but does not block automations.
Added: Manual marking only support for Spikes.
Added: Manual marking only support for Harjell I,II,III.

Change: Placeholder copy in network match name text entry box now "Pick Three Words"


Fixed: Manually flagging location flooded when in manual mode, or with automations on but before ever entering water, should produce 'inoperative' text in location header in crit table.


Fixed: During damage-event-panel prompt, pointerup on a non-option element after a pointer-down on an option element should not count as input.


Fixed + Change: When selecting a target for a physical attack, the elevation difference defaults to none, which may be incompatible with the combination of attack type, elevation difference, and target stance, e.g. declaring a punch and then selecting a prone target. From now on, target elevation difference does not default to 'none',but instead must be set after selecting a target. This avoids the error and avoids a situation where a newer player might just trust a default value when the situation on the map actually precludes the attack entirely / forces a player to check that the combination of stance, attack type, and elevation difference is legal.

Fixed: Possible issue where restoring a saved charge/DFA attack declaration could result in range to target being undeclared when it should be 1.

Fixed: Possible issue where toggling a unit's stance could lead to a situation where an attacker would not be allowed to declare a charge against the target.


Fixed: When resolving damage event, tapping divider between 'roll' and specific roll results should not count as input.

6.0.0 (previously 5.5.0)


Added: Water-related functionality:
• Ability to set a move into depth 1,2,3+, correct depth after the fact, and resolve displacement into water.
• Hull integrity automations.
• Visualize waterline.
• Update weapon ranges and allowances when submerged.
• PSR automations for water entry events.
• Effects of water on ranged and physical attacks, e.g. no firing across air/water boundary, inverted partial cover, automatic partial cover when attacking unit in depth 1, etc.
• Effects of water on heat dissipation bonus + dissipation bonus UI in heat sink panel.
• Effects of water on ejection.
• Submerged jumpjet crit slots are visually flagged when submerged.

Added: New Movement Menu:
• Set physical attack (or depth) during movement phase as part of movement input.
• Visualize max available traversable distance contingent on current MP, depth, and stand attempts.

Added: Restrictions around movement based physicals, e.g. no physical attacks on DFAing unit, a target may only be the target of one push, charge, or DFA.
Added: Movement-based-physical declarations are saved an restore when possible (when the target sheet becomes available).
Added: Physical attack type modifiers listed in calculator, e.g. -2 for kick
Added: Pilot skill difference modifier for Charge/DFA listed in calculator.
Added: Ranged/physical Attack highlighting when approparite phase is entered.
Added/Fixed: May perform two punches at two different targets.
Added: Piloting skill roll automation options: ASK and NOTE.
Added: Pilot safety check calculation in log.
Added: Manually setting unit prone is logged.
Added: More verbose heat calculation logging.
• (Almost) Full support for Claws.
• Full support for Partial Wing.
• Full support for Improved Jump Jets. (Heat for Improved Jump Jets correctly halved (to a minimum of 3)).

Changed: Dropdown menu styling and layout.
Changed: Behavior tweaks around auto-phase advance from movement phase contingent on movement actions.

Bug fixes and small formatting tweaks.


Fixed: Visual issue with ejection flag active state.


Fixed (old): Internal failure to flag locations as explosion-damaged on restore/remote viewing in some situations.
Fixed (old): Internal target-index should be 0 on sheet creation not undefined.
Fixed (old): Saved PSR rolls restored as Auto Success. Could cause incorrect PSR re-resolution if a unit is saved after PSR resolution but before next phase, restored, and then PSR inducing damage increased.
Fixed (old): When remote viewing a sheet, integral system dots for engine may be flagged as phase damage when they are in fact stale damage.


Fixed (old): When restoring or remotely viewing a sheet that rapid-fired a weapon, that weapon should be flagged as rapid firing for heat calculations.


Fixed (old): When restoring or remotely viewing sheets with a blown off limb, cant-prop flag may not be properly added.


Fixed: When loading saves from before v6 saved data for move mode and hexes traversed should be converted into new 'traversed' data.
Change: Punch, Kick, push heat is blank.
Change: Kick entry displays "Front" in location column.
Change: Push entry displays "Forward" in location column.
Change: Charge entry short range column is " – ".


Fixed (old): When remote viewing sheet should not display previous fall direction during new fall resolution.


Fixed: Bug with attempting to log unresolved game events on save restore that could lead to unexpected behavior.
Fixed: Bug with screen resizing introduced in v6.0.0.bv21-04-23-11


Internal tweak to save format.


Fixed / Change (old): Opening calc for resolved physical attack on a sheet that is no longer available (network disconnect or sheet deletion) should display 'missing sheet' warning instead of presenting like the target is there and behaving erratically.
Fixed (old): Peculiar race condition where when loading a unit the unit's heat may be calculated before attack nodes are cached causing unexpected behavior during force load/restore.
Fixed (old): In some places a user 'cancel' event is logged as an error internally but should not be.
Fixed (old): Error on closing a force that may lead to unexpected interruptions in importing / loading a different force.
Fixed? (old): In some circumstances manually setting heat could fail due to the user managing to release over something that was not a heat box. It could be the case that the user started modifying heat and then attempted to cancel by releasing over something that was not the heat scale. Either way, there's now a slightly more strict valid target check on during a heat-change gesture.


Fixed: Issue with version check with v5.4.x files.
Fixed: Issue with redeclaring physical attack results. (Introduced in v6.0.0.b21-04-12-...)


Included ISHMG ammo (full) fix.


Fixed: Unit in depth 1 that jumps should leave water in hex 0:
• If unit A and B are in depth 1 and adjacent and unit A DFAs unit B, unit A should exit water in depth 0 such that on successful DFA the damage to their legs does not prompt breach checks.
• Starting a turn in depth 1 and jumping 0 hexes (to change facing) should result in exiting and re-entering depth 1.

Fixed: Physical attacks on unit in depth 1 shouldn't display in inventory and attack panel as if unit had partial cover.
Fixed: Move override should not be touchable when remote viewing sheets.
Fixed: Attack highlighting should not happen when remote viewing sheets.
Fixed: After DFA failed in physical phase or successful DFA or Charge of unit in depth 1+, internal traversed data should update depth of final location to that of target location, otherwise depth could be incorrect on restore or remote viewing.
Fixed?: Potential issue with piloting check roll when resolving entry into water in some cases (potentially involving PSR automation settings)?
Fixed: Inconsequential internal error when using move override menus.
Change: Internal: When saving with an unresolved game event, a list of descriptions of the whole stack is saved.

Includes v5.4.22 ISHMG damage fix


Change: Move-mode override menu interaction isn't canceled when dragging out of move-mode area.


Fixed: Potential animation performance hiccup when unit goes prone with damage event stack showing.


Fix: Dropdown styling for crit menus incorrect on touch devices.
Tweak to prone resolution damage event reveal sequencing.
Tweak to game event panel animations.


Improved: Move dropdown includes distances up to max MP for move mode selected (cap of 20).
Fixed: Modifier for piloting skill difference not updating in calculator if attacker changes piloting skill.


Fixed: Build timestamp issue that could cause unexpected behavior during version checks.
Fixed: Charge damage applied to submerged locations should be halved.
Fixed: Charge damage to self calculation when submerged or partially submerged.


Fixed: May not declare charge against prone target.
Fixed: If charge target goes prone before physicals phase charge will automatically miss during physical phase.
Fixed: Should be allowed to update target stance to prone during physicals phase and resolve the attack. This is both procedurally accurate and will preserve the charge declaration such that other units can not retroactively declare charge/dfa against them.
Fixed: When displaying calculator while DFAing a prone unit, attack direction REAR is automatically selected and other options are forbidden.
Fixed: Pilot safety when falling from failed DFA should just be piloting skill + 2 (for the two levels fallen). Kinda weird but that's what it is.
Fixed: "Failed DFA" included in damage context stack during resolution of subsequent effects.
Fixed: When failing a DFA on a target not in water, "leaving water" should not be logged.
Fixed: After successful Charge from dry land to dry land, "leaving water" should not be logged.
Fixed: Prone flag facing-dice should be 4 after failed DFA.
Fixed: Styling was broke for crit-slot dropdowns containing long lists placed to the left of the crit slot.
Fixed: UI glitch with toggling partial cover.
Fixed: Issue with attack calculator display after restoring movement-based-physical-attack target.
Fixed: Version checking issue that effected preview builds.


Change: Dropdown styling (condensed vs fat-finger-friendly) based on pointing device (cursor/stylus/finger) rather than system capabilities.
Note: Obligation strip dropdowns and move-menu only have one style type.


Added: Stricter version checking when restoring saves.
Fixed: Version number in changelog.


Added/Fixed: Ranges and TNs for submerged energy weapons update correctly in inventory.
Fixed: Rear mounted leg weapons count as submerged when standing in depth 1.

Change: Upon submersion, if a weapon may not fire underwater, its ranges are replaced with "—"
Change: Unresolved ranged attack declarations that are not underwater-capable will have declarations rescinded if submerged.
Change: Display name adjective ordering: "Improved (Small|Medium|Large) Heavy Laser" >>> "(Small|Medium|Large) Improved Heavy Laser"
Change: Display name adjective ordering: "Heavy (Small|Medium|Large) Laser" >>> "(Small|Medium|Large) Heavy Laser"


Fixed: Attack range not effecting ranged attack target numbers.
Fixed: Setting attacker depth should update calculator as necessary.
Fixed: Submerged attacker attacking partially submerged unit that changes its depth to 2+: "Inverted Partial Cover (water)" should revert back to "Partial Cover".
Fixed (old?): In the event the range to a primary or secondary target changes and the target is not currently displayed in an open calculator, the calculator should not change to show the information about the updated target.


Added: Automatic inclusion of (non togglable) water partial cover and inverted water partial cover.

Change: Inventory attack result display: location rolls that hit partial cover now listed prefix 'x' instead of suffix '(hill)'
Change: Removed heat from Charge attack.
Change: Small calculator style tweeks.


Fixed (old): Non-permanently / contingently forbidden attacks shouldn't display target numbers during declaration.
Fixed (old): If a user sets a move of X, then charge damage should technically be based on X-1 hexes traveled, as X is the distance into the attacker's hex, and is not counted towards the charge damage.
Fixed (old): When a DFAer that falls in weapons phase it should not be logged that they take the target's hex.
Fixed: A DFAer that falls in weapons phase should not enter water when the target was in water.


Fixed: Any network-tracked declared DFA/Charge/Push attacks against a target should be cleared when the target moves to next turn regardless of what the attacker is doing.


Refactored physical attack declaration logic.

Added: Physical attack type modifiers listed in calculator, e.g. -2 for kick
Added: Pilot skill difference modifier for Charge/DFA listed in calculator.

Added/Fixed: May perform two punches at two different targets.
Added/Fixed: Restriction: A unit may only be the target of one charge, DFA or push attack.
Added/Fixed: On sheet load, unresolved DFA/Charge/Push attacks are re-declared on network once original target is found so that attack restrictions for other units can be determined correctly.
Added/Fixed: Declaring DFA or Charge at immobile target should not be forbidden. Move modifier description will be 'Will Move 0 Hexes'.
Added/Fixed: If the target of a Charge or DFA becomes submerged before resolution the attack will automatically miss

Change: When declaring secondary targets, the target for attacks on other targets is displayed on the attack.

Change: Remote physical attack damage declared immediately after to-hit roll instead of after the attacker resolves consequences -- complex DFA/charge outcomes could block incoming damage from appearing on target sheet until much later than expected.

Change: Target name for missed attack no longer dim.

Improved pre-physical-resolution checking around target sheet availability and readiness.
Improved handling of declaring push/charge/dfa against target of push/charge/dfa when original attacker sheet is missing (removed or network connection lost).

Fixed (old): 'Resolve attack' in calculator should not be allowed if secondary target is selected but no weapons have been declared.
Fixed (old): Should be able to select a target for a physical when they were a secondary target in weapons phase.
Fixed (old?): When resolving DFA/Charge against a destroyed target, the attacker should take (or land in) the hex without incident and without failing the attack.
Fixed (old): Reactor target should not be infinity when an abandoned unit does not require a shutdown roll.
Fixed (old): When advancing from to physicals phase, alert about missing target of movement-based-physical attack should not be shown.
Fixed (old?): When a target is missing, and the user selects a new target, should not attempt to copy the non-existant gamespace relational data from the old target to the new one.
Fixed (old): Physical attack penalties for missing actuators now logged as "Damaged/Missing Actuators"

Fixed: Overriding a move with one that's sans DFA/Charge will rescind the declaration of a DFA/Charge if one existed.
Fixed: Calculator: Ignored Cover modifier presentation should be more clear when DFAing.
Fixed: Declaring a charge after declaring a one hex move should not mark the charge attack entry as forbidden.
Fixed: If declaring charge/DFA during weapons phase, the calc should have 'declare charge' button, but pressing it should be followed by a prompt about the fact that attack should be declared during movement phase.
Fixed: Should not be able to attack generic targets without first setting their movement dice.
Fixed: Declaring move related physical after movement phase updates unit's hexes moved. (And updates internal traversed data.)
Fixed: Hexes traveled in charge damage calculation should not include target hex.
Fixed: Internal issue where attempts to move declared relational stats (eg. range) from an undefiend target to a defined one could result in unexpected behavior.


Change: Move menu: Swapped locations of physical attack and depth button groups.
Fixed: When overriding move after movement phase, the move dropdown should present using the motive status from the start og that turn, sans any effects from events that happened in movement/weapons/physical/heat phase.


Fixed: Charge damage to attacker should be rounded up and include 'c5' in log entry.
Fixed: When resolving a failed DFA, sysem should not allow user to roll or select fall facing.


Added/Fixed: Successfully DFAing a unit in (depth 1) water results in water entry.
Fixed: 'entered-depth' psr-inducing flag should be removed on exiting phase


Added/Fixed: Successfully charging a unit in water (or in depth 0 if attacker is in water) results in resolving water entry (or exit).
Fixed: Entering-water-induced-psr obligation is grouped with other end-of-turn obligations if water entry does not occur during movement phase.

Change: Inventory sorting: Equipment now after weapons; Equipment sorted by range
Change: Non-damaging equipment in inventory is sorted by range then display name.
Change/Fixed: Anti-missile systems can be declared like weapons for heat and ammo purposes. Known issue: It'll present as if a weapon and show up in a remote target's incoming shots list as a miss.
Change/Fixed: APods may no longer be declared like weapons.

Fixed: Open move menu should close when switching tabs.
Fixed: May not DFA a fully submerged unit.
Fixed: May not Charge a fully submerged unit without being submerged.


Fixed: Displacement into same depth should trigger PSR etc.
Fixed: logging indentation around movement, water, and fall resolution.
Fixed?: Maybe?: Weird issue where some combination of water displacement and outstanding PSRs could lead to unexpected behavior around async damage resolution? Or something?


Fixed: "Continue Jump" button should never appear.


Change: Weapons don't highlight until weapons phase; touching before then presents option to advance to weapons phase.
Change: Touching non-move-based physicals before physicals presents option to advance to physicals phase.
Change: Move-based physical attacks highlight if in movement phase and distance-travled is set.
Change: Dropdown option padding contingent on whether system is cursor or touch-based.


Fixed: Chrome: Touching unit tab ellipses should count as touching tab.
Fixed: Touchscreens: place-above pop-over menus not positioned correctly.


Fixed: Move menu positioning.


Fixed: Placement, styling and labeling of move menu when brought out using move mode buttons in sheet stats area.

Fixed: Move modes should not trigger context-menu cursor when sheet automations are not on.
Fixed: Stationary move mode should not display unless automations are on.


Fixed: Logging of DFA and Charge attack damage to target should not attempt to include cluster roll or damage per 'hit'.
Fixed: Heat Scale label background should be transparent.
Fixed: All (Un)Successful-Charge/DFA-related logging should occur after attack roll.
Fixed: Failed DFA log should note that defender is displaced into any adjacent legal hex of their choice.
Fixed: Resolved Charges and DFAs count as 'declared' for the sake of restrictions around physical attacks against charging and DFAing targets.

Change: 'Auto Fail' psr modifier value now displays as red x in logged calculations.

Included v5.4.19 fixes.


Fixed: Resolved attack TN background not appearing on reload in some cases
Fixed: Changes to Charge/DFA attack target not saved.
Fixed-ish?: Restoring declared Charge/DFA attack sometimes not restoring attack range leading to inability to resolve attack.
Fixed: Destroyed weapons and permanently forbidden physical attacks should never have call-to-action highlighting.
Fixed: Attempting to save with a move attack declared against a target that's gone missing could result in unexpected behavior.


Added: Preliminary restore-from-save of movement-based-physical-attack declarations. Note: If attack was declared against a sheet that is no longer available, resolving the attack or adjusting settings in calculator with the target missing will not be possible.

Added: Some physical attack restrictions:
May not declare a physical attack against a DFAing unit.
May not charge a charging unit.
Note: Still no restriction on a target being the target of multiple DFA/Charge attacks.

Added: Declared Charge or DFA will be indicated on remotely viewed sheets.

Added: Location name labels for damage dropdowns.

Added: Damage dropdowns include location label.

Fixed: Next/phys-phase button should not highlight when weapons phase PSR obligation count is 0.
Fixed: Network icon should be centered and not repeat at small sizes.
Fixed: Calculator's range slider color should match selected option color.
Fixed: 'place-below' Dropdowns near to screen's left edge flip alignment and are placed below and to the right.

Included v5.4.18 fixes


Fixed: Should be able to resolve charge against generic target at any time.


Fixed: 'no fire' and 'no melee' internal declaration flags saved to cloud for restore and remote view.
Fixed: May not resolve physical attacks against unit not in physicals phase.
Fixed: Physicals shouldn't highlight if user has explicitly opted to declare no physicals.


Fixed (old): If an attack was declared and resolved, losing the attack should not effect the target name color in inventory.
Fixed (old): A user attempting to advance past weapons phase without first having resolved PSR obligations (even if there are none) will need to confirm there are no more incoming weapons attacks.
Fixed (old): A user attempting to advance past physicals phase without first having resolved PSR obligations (even if there are none) will need to confirm there are no more incoming physical attacks.

Fixed: Sheet should not advance to weapons phase after jumping when declaring DFA until after 'declare attack' in calculator has been selected.
Fixed: next/wep. phase button should not come over while declaring DFA/Charge.
Fixed: Continue walk/run button should not appear when declaring Charge.
Fixed: End of movement 'Traversed X Hexes' should be one less if charging or DFAing.
Fixed: Physical phase button should be displayed in weapons phase even when there's not PSR inducing phase damage.

Change: Physical attack button in obligation strip now uses attack name.
Change: Declare physical button in calc now uses attack name.
Change: Obligation strip buttons can not be used while the calculator is displayed.
Change: Movement modes and move-phase-physicals no longer highlight in movement phase.
Change: Weapon highlighting in move phase after a legal move is input is back.
Change: Hit/miss colors are back but muted.
Change: Target name for missed shots is now grey like the dice.


Added: Charge|DFA option in move dropdown -- declare charge or DFA during movement.

Change: non-movement physical attacks may no longer be declared outside of physicals phase.
Change: For PSR, Avoid Shutdown, Avoid Ammo Explosion, and Wake up button dropdowns, "Dismiss" option is now "Pass" and logged as 'force passed'.
Change: Dimissing a piloting skill roll now marks fresh damage (red) as stale (black).
Change: Once a unit has marked moving some amount of hexes, the next/wep-phase button moves to the left.

Fixed: Phase-specific attacks only highlight on entering phase if attack is allowed.
Fixed: Jump doesn't highlight during movement if unit can't jump.
Fixed: Water effected range and damage text more visually emphasized.
Fixed: Analog/generic targets should never trigger air/water boundary issue in calculator.

Fixed-ish (old): Damage event UI's rotations shouldn't snap to ending 5deg when sheet is rotating to prone.
Fixed (old): DFA should be listed as forbidden when stationary move mode is selected.
Fixed (old): If DFA or Charge declared during movement, calculator confirmation button is 'declare attack' not 'attack' and pressing it closes calculator and notes that attack will be resolved during physicals (instead of skipping ahead to resolve).
Fixed (old): "physicals-declared" flag not removed from inventory on next turn -- could result in unexpected behavior.


Added: Move modes highlighted while no move mode declared.
Change: Weapons highlight once move mode declared (and there are no outstanding movement phase PSRs)
Change: Move dropdown simplified.
Change: Crippled white on black -- similar to other permanent status flags.
Change: Hit / Missed attacks no longer green/red -- they remain w/ selected color.
Fixed: Stupid 1px layout shift in calculator when range or attack direction set.
Fixed: A grounded mech (unable to stand ever) should still be able to declare walking or running to change facing.


Increment major version to 6 -- FS will need to know attacker and target waterline in order to handle attacks correctly, and versions prior to this won't provide that information or use it when provided.

Added: Ranged attacks highlight when
• in weapons phase
• no weapons declared
• 'not attacking' has not been selected.

Added: Physical-phase physical attacks highlight when
• in physicals phase
• no physials declared
• 'not attacking' has not been selected.

Added/Fixed: Units at depth 0 may not attack fully submerged units and vice versa.

Change: Pop-up for sheet move modes includes option for just changing move mode without opening move menu to change distance / path.


Fixed: Setting depth as a correction before selecting move mode should not give the unit a 0 hex move.
Fixed: Standing on a run should be legal for a unit that has not spent MP so long as they have at least one MP. Invocation of minimum movement rule should by logged.
Fixed: Blown-off and destroyed limbs should not have thick water outlines when location would otherwise be under the waterline.


Fixed: Various move-action-related button visualizations and prompts when unit is prone.
Fixed: Heat reduction should visually effect walk/run options when prone.
Fixed: Stand button and dropdown should visualize as illegal if unit's max remaining mp is < 2.


Fixed: When dumping ammo, flooded rear torso fill color should be teal.
Fixed: During movement, selecting 'change facing' while prone should also advance to weapons phase.
Fixed: Dropdown option item for stand should be visualized as illegal if mp is exhausted. (implemented mp-exausted flagging).
Fixed: Attempting to stand with no more MP should require user to confirm the illegality of the action.
Fixed: Grey (optional) obligation button active color wrong.

Change: Damage marking dropdown layout tweaks.
Change: 'Next Phase' button text now phase specific; dropdown option now 'go' instead of 'confirm'.
Change: Dropdown formatting tweaks.
Change: Dropdown formatting distinctions between touch and cursor-based systems.

Added: Experimental (!) explosion undo -- Reset sheet to before explosion: Explosion Flag -> Undo.


Fixed: Breach check UI for limbs when falling on back should display next to limb, not unit header.
Fixed: 'Stand up' and 'continue Walk|Run' buttons should visualize as 'illegal' if the unit's minimum expended MP >= available mp for chosen mode...
Fixed: Neither 'Stand up' or 'continue Walk|Run' should display if unit has lost a leg or become immobile during movement.


Fixed: Mech menu dropdown height based on available space.
Change: Mech menu includes 'year' label. Unit years are sometimes mistaken for BV.


Fixed: Cleared move data not displaying correctly on next turn.


Fixed: Cancel button on restriction modal not working !


Fixed: Issues with changing distance 0 depth in move menu.


Fixed: Active TSM not accounted for in move menu.
Fixed: Move menu hovering issue(s).


Change: 'depth 0' button not included in move dropdown.
Fixed: removed margin between damage dropdown items.


Fixed: Depth change menu should have cancel option.


Added: New prototype movement dropdown menu.

Known issue: Logging indentation for movement events is pretty fubar.

Included main branch changes up through v5.4.16. (New units available.)

Change: Dropdown styling changed throughout to more closely match new move-dropdown styling.
Change: Depth 0,1,2,3+ options in overview dropdown consolidated into "Depth Change" option with followup modal.
Change?: Active/Hover color now green instead of blue. (May change again...)
Change: Attempting to declare weapons without entering a move is no longer possible — user will be prompted to enter a move.
Change: User is not prompted with a suggestion to move to weapons phase. In some cases it advances automatically (post jump or stationary), otherwise it'll just wait for manual phase advance.
Change: Attempting to declare weapons while in movement phase but with a valid move set will automatically advance to weapons phase.
Change: Movement stat control behavior changed. (It's kinda gross right now sorry!)

Fixed: PSR for jumping into water should technically happen before the unit is submerged, and the resolution of any waterline changes should technically happen before the fall is resolved, i.e. if you jump into water, your leg can flood before you resolve your fall, effecting your PSR.
Fixed: Wrong arm outline for mechs with hands. (bug introduced with claws.)

Fixed (old issue): Run movement mode should be available when an upright unit is missing a leg -- they should still be able to invoke the minimum movement rule, which 'counts as running' so we'll just include run as an option.
Fixed (old issue): Movement stat controls are now active during movement phase.
Fixed (old issue): Avoid shutdown roll should be impossible if unit abandoned (pilot dead/ko/ejected).
Fixed (old issue): Restart reactor roll should be impossible if unit abandoned (pilot dead/ko/ejected).

<!-- (under the hood) + consolidated jumpMotiveSystemStatus into motiveSystemStatus. + Refactored obligation strip button init. + removed rollup from build process. + new prebuild for bundles etc. + replaced some hard-coded hover colors with var + removed some deprecated/uneeded files: - socket.io map - recordsheet mech-image placeholder and logo - roll.mp3 -->


Fixed: Successful stand attempt in depth 1 water should update waterline (it should drop to waist).


Note: Refactored heat & jump mp logic -- should be a little faster and a little more hardened but always a chance of new bugs when touching something...

Added: Support for partial wings. Limitation: Wing damage does not effect MP bonus; wing destruction does not effect heat dissipation bonus.
Added: New heat dissipation bonus UI and logging when bonus changes.
Added: More verbose heat calculation logging.
Added: Full support for Improved Jump Jets. (Heat for Improved Jump Jets correctly halved (to a minimum of 3)).
Added: Changes in Jump MP logged when they occur.

23 more units available.
11 more units support automations.

Fixed (old issue): When user enters heat phase, heat calculations are (automatically) logged (even) when the delta is 0.
Fixed (old issue): Sensor destruction wasn't flagging weapons as forbidden in following phase. (Though it should really be flagging them in that same phase...)
Fixed : Note about running out of water should not be displayed when jumping.

Change: Water-line / Submerged locations visualized on armor and internal diagrams.
Change: Calculations in log for heat adjustment and PSRs now match.
Change: Flooded locations that are not currently submerged are labeled 'inoperative' in crit table, and visually distinct from locations that have been flooded and are currently submerged.
Change: PSR details in ask modal correspond to log format (in layout but not color).


Fixed (old issue): Kick and punch damage calculation should be rounded DOWN for destroyed upper/lower actuators and when underwater.


Misc. fixes, changes and improvements:
Water entry logging includes reason for entry.
Tweaked movement logging: move mode and hexes-traveled logged seperately.
Alert user of potential illegal move when changing move mode to run > 0 hexes, after movement, while in a water hex.
Alert user about being forbidden to run into water when selecting run move mode during movement while in water.
Alert user of potential illegal move when, after using running movement to stand, user sets distance to > 0 hexes, while in a water hex.
Improve logging when running out of water.
'Distance?' button should be available when unit as become immobile during movement
'Stay Down' button should not be available when unit has become immobile during movement.
Logging note when unit finishes a single allowed attempt to stand (due to missing leg).
If, during movement, a prone unit decides to stay down, player may/must then declare how far the unit traveled.
Internal 'destination-reached' flag added to improve logic for movement action options in obligation strip.
Run option should be available in obligation strip while submerged in depth 3+, but the dropdown's only options should be 'change facing'
Run movement mode in overview should never be visually flagged as water-logged; Technically, being underwater has no effect on the avialabiity of the run movement mode.
"Displaced" should always be an option for water entry when entering water during the movement phase.


Clarification modal for water entry method now includes displacement option.
Clarification modal for water entry method now includes 'cancel' option.
Water entry method selection happens before actual water entry.
Water entry options constrained by conditions:
no jump-in option if can't jump from current position.
no walk-in option if prone or level change is 3, i.e. from depth 0 to depth 3.
Run option should be available in obligaiton strip while in depth 1 or 2 (but not three -- 99% certain you can't run out of a depth 3 water hex because of the need to pass through adjacent water hexes.)
Jump option should not be in obligation strip when JJ-MP reduced to 0 by water.
Flipped stand-up stay-down obligation strip buttons.


When indicating jump MP on entering water, must next specify hexes traveled.
Modfier for 'jumping with X' damage should ready ' "Jumping" with ... ' not ' "Running" with...'


Change: Refactored PSR calculations and refined their presentation in pop-over and log.
Added: Pilot safety check calculation in log.

Fixed (old issue): During pilot saftey checks, leg loss should have a +5 penalty instead of infinity; gyro destroyed should have a +6 penalty instead of infinity
Fixed (old issue): Issue with dismissing PSRs, saving, loading, adding PSR inducing damage and then re-resolving.
Fixed (old issue): Blown off limbs should count as internally damaged for determining whether unit is crippled.
Fixed (old issue): Modifiers for leg actuator crits that have been reduced to 0 because of a later hip hit are are properly noted in PSR calculations.
Fixed (old issue): The required PSR for jumping with upper/lower leg actuator crits should be listed in the overview panel.

Fall damage logging tweak.
Copy change for flooding events.
Notice and dissalowing ammo dump while torso submerged.
All movement modes and distances may be adjusted even while underwater.
May not dismiss flooded from locations submerged and stripped.
May not dismiss flooded from torsos when submerged and dumping ammo.
Entering water during movement now requires clarifying movement mode (jump|walk).
Entering water PSR modifier accounts for movement mode (jump|walk)
If jumping into water and PSR is failed, unit now topples at surface and falls depth # levels, per rules.
Falling multiple levels after jumping into water impacts pilot safety check.
Penalty for piloting check induced by losing a leg when entering water with a stripped leg armor should be Infinity.
"Head above water" log message should only occur when waterline drops below 'overhead'.
Details of PSRs that include moving-with-damage triggers will now always list 'ran with damaged x' and 'damaged x' separately, with the penalty included in the 'damaged x' item.


Fixed: Breach check game event items should be flush right and right aligned to location.
Fixed: Piloting skill roll triggered by entering water should not be auto resolved.
Added: Piloting skill roll automation options: ASK and NOTE.
Misc. tweaks to the ••• page.


Added: (Almost) full support for claws.
• Warning: May currently set illegal elevation difference + target stance combination with weird results.
• Ten more units support automations.

Fixed: Declaring hatchet ahead of ranged attacks should forbid hatchet-arm weapon attacks.


Fixed: Leg and Foot actuator crits should trigger a PSR and modify it in the phase they occur regardless of a hip hit -- hip hits only negate modifiers for previous leg crits.

Changed: PSR descriptions for leg actuator damage are more descriptive.


Added: Six units introduced in RS/TRO Succession Wars are now listed:
Atlas AS7-A
Flea FLE-16
Javelin JVN-10A
Thunderbolt TDR-5D
Wolverine WVR-6D
Zeus ZEU-6A


Change: Equipment support page: Equipment previously listed as 'Not Supported' now listed as 'Innert' + layout tweeks and improvements.


Added: Submerged jumpjet crit slots are visually flagged when submerged.

!! Change: Kick attack damage algorithm changed from TW rules to newer BMM rules (which are really the old Compendium rules)
Change: Submerged vis is not stripes not solid color
Change: When JJs are submerged, both the current and nominal jump MP are displayed.

Fixed: DFA should not be flagged damaged or destroyed when being in water reduces Jump mp to 0.
Fixed: Kick should not be flagged damaged when being in water reduces kick damage.

Fixed (old issue): Destroyed weapons that are also depleted should not have depleted style (stripes).
Fixed? (old issue): DFA should never be flagged damaged on sheet reveal...


Added: Manually setting unit prone is logged.

Added: The following water automations:
• Resolve movement into water. (For now use the mek-overview dropdown before selecting movement mode.)
• Current Depth is listed in the overview panel header (for the time being)
• Run forbidden when in depth 1,2,3+.
• Jump jet mp calculation accounts for submerged jump jets; JJMP listing has 'water-effected' visual treatment.
• Hull integrity checks: When entering water or going prone, submerged sections with exposed internal will flood; submerged torsos will flood when dumping ammo.
• Breach checks will be made for submerged locations that suffer damage.
• Automation options for Hull Integrity Loss (AUTO|NOTE) and Breach Check (AUTO|ASK|NOTE)
• Submerged heatsinks accounted for when resolving heat.
• Weapons that aren't direct energy are forbidden when submerged;
• DE weapon ranges visually flagged when underwater but not updated.
• Punch/kick attack damage recalculated and visually flagged when in water.

Fixed: Force piloting checks while prone that fail should not result in unit standing up!

Known issues:
Kick attack is visually flagged as damaged when water causes damage to drop. (fixed)

Outstanding water automations / limitations:
• Underwater-capable weapons' attack ranges not updated.
• Additional heat-sinking capability not visualized / displayed.
• Calculator should auto-assign partial cover to units in depth 1
• Calculator should now allow attacks between units that are fully submerged and not submerged.
• Calculator needs inverted partial modifier for attacking units in depth 1 from underwater.


Change: Silenced over-aggressive reporting of an internal error that could hypothetically cause unexpected performance hit.


Fixed: IS Heavy Machine Gun Ammo (Full): Internal equipment alias was incorrect and could cause flechs to equip half-ton ammo instead of full-ton ammo.


Fixed: IS Heavy Machine Gun damage should be 3 not 1.


Fixed: Name for an UrbanMek incorrect.


Fixed: Chrome: Touching unit tab ellipses should count as touching tab.


Fixed: Resolving incoming network physical attacks should not flag manually applied physical-phase damage as stale.


Fixed: 'Declare Changes' button should appear in calculator when clicking resolved physical when there are no declared/resolved ranged attacks.

Fixed: When declaring a Kick or Punch attack at a sheet where the elevation difference has been set, and the difference makes the decalred attack illegal, the eleveation difference option will be red.

Fixed: Additional illegal combinations of physical attack, stance, and attacker/target elevation difference will preclude attacking.

Fixed: Two units declaring kicks at one another could trigger a temporary feedback loop that could burn unnecessary cpu cycles and potentially lead to unexpected behavior.

Fixed: Potentially reduced some unnecessary network communication.


Added: Sniper Artillery (manual marking only).
(New units available in mech menu.)


Fixed: Issue with single heatsinks introduced in 5.4.15


Fixed: One-shot and improved one-shot launchers are flagged correctly with (OS) or (I-OS) in inventory and crit table.
Fixed: When available, inventory uses equipment display name variations with less than 19 characters.

Additional stock units that mount one-shot and improved one-shot launchers should be available, e.g. Commando 9S.

Fixed: Issue parsing heatsink type in newer .mtf files.


Added: Silver Bullet Gauss Rifle
Added: Clan|Inner Sphere Heavy Flamer

Numerous units from ILClan Rec-guides 1-12 available, equipment support permitting.

Change: Location for 'Charge' and 'DFA' entry changed to '⬣'.

Fixed: Artemis IV should support enhanced LRMs.
Fixed: Issue with enhanced LRM equip def IDs that could cause unexpected issues.
Fixed: IS Artemis IV should support Clan LRMs. (?!?)
Fixed: Issue parsing heatsink type in some newer MTF files could result in heatsink techbase being listed in sink panel instead of heatsink type.
Fixed: Parser should cope with MTF slot line that contains trailing whitespace.
Fixed: Incorrect MML9 equipment id -- could cause unexpected behavior.
Fixed: Mech menu dropdown should be visible above footer.

Known issue: Some units with one shot or improved one shot launchers will not be available.


Added: Check in MTF parsing for minimum required slot count for each location.


Fixed error messaging on failure to display parsed mtf data.


Added alert about Chrome 88 Tablet issues.


!! Fixed: FireFox 77+ on touch screens: Armor and Internal dropdown menus not responding.


Added alert for Firefox on touch screens due to breaking bug.


Fixed: Failing to parse omnimech MTFs produced by some versions of MegaMekLab due to the inclusion of the omnipod flag in component list.


Fixed: Heat for ATM 6|9|12 incorrect.
Fixed: Snub-Nosed PPC should have a minimum of 0.


Fixed: For Punch and Kick damage calculation influenced by missing or damaged actuators, final damage should be rounded DOWN.


Fixed: User's cluster results automation setting ignored -- always behaves as if setting is ASK.
Fixed: User's called shot automation setting ignored -- always behaves as if setting is ASK.


Fixed: Restored units at heat >= 9 and TSM should be flagged as having active TSM.
Fixed: TSM should not be active in manual mode if the heat level is manually dropped to zero;


Added: TSM activation / deactivation logged in event log.
Fixed: TSM effects on physical damage should be in effect at 9 or above , not just at 9.
Fixed: TSM movement bonus should be in effect (though with all normal heat modifieres) at 9 or above , not just at 9.

Fixed: When resolving a game/damage event, emphasized panels and elements (e.g. wound boxes while resolving conciousness) should not be clickable/touchable.

Fixed: After selecting an option when resolving a game/damage event, context flag text size should not become large when popping the event contexts.


! Change: On touch screens, two fingers are required to pan (and zoom). One touch will no longer pan. Stylus input will no longer pan. Mouse/cursor click-and-drag panning is still supported.


Fixed: TSM not showing up for some units because myomer field value in .mtf files inconsistent.


Added: Punch and Kick attack damage effected by TSM.
Added: Called Shot automation option with ASK setting. (Manually select whether a called shot hit the intended location.)
Added: Cluster Results automation option with ASK setting. (Manually select cluster results during attack)
• If a specific roll number is selected, Flechs assumes that includes any and all cluster modifiers. FCS will not modify the value.
• For streaks, the 'roll 2d6' option is '11 (Streak)'

Change: Physical weapon ranges no longer a dash, but blank, like other physical attacks, except for short.

Fixed: Crit table bracket coloring for flooding and blown-off limbs.
Fixed: Called shots at legs that succeed but hit partial cover should be presented as other partial cover hits. Who aims at a leg in partial cover though, really?


When calculator is out, touching any dim item should only trigger calculator close.


Added: Partial TSM support; When at 9 heat...
• Base MP calculated correctly.
• Movement, applicable physicals, and TSM slots are colored orange-red (i.e. heat-effected).

Known issue: Secondary MP listings are only shown when below 5 heat.


Fixed: MP should update on heatscale change in manual mode.
Known issue: Calculation for TSM / Superchargers is going to be off.


Change: New icon for network tab.


Fixed: Unit overview move-mode options dropdown in should not show arrow.
Fixed: Misc. cursor settings.
Fixed: When restoring sheet data, resolved attack entry for a rapid fire weapon should display attack target and lock icon like all other resolved attacks.
Fixed: "JAMMED" text in attack entry results should be bright red.
Fixed: Misc. issues with jammed weapons being flagged (or not) as fresh damage on restore.

Change/Fixed: Hover coloring for obligation strip buttons on cursor-based systems.
Change/Fixed: P/G skill dropdown copy/formatting.
Change/Fixed: Default cursor for a sheet is 'move'.
Change/Fixed: All clickable items on sheet should have a finger cursor or context-menu cursor.
Change: Clickable items that open dropdowns now have 'context-menu' cursor instead of pointer; pointer cursor reserved for real click-and-thats-all buttons.



• Manually toggle flooded per location.
• Manually toggle limb/head detached (i.e. blown-off).
• Manually trigger crit chance in location.

These features are available in new crit-location header dropdown (see attached image).


Fixed: Internal Flechs sheets save format version bumped from 6->7; Older v6 imports should be upgraded to v7 -- a unit loaded from a previous version of a Flechs Sheets save, with a detached limb from the current phase, should have the phaseBlownOff flag added.


Known issue: With automations on, marking a leg loss while prone in movement phase before setting move mode will (incorrectly) effect what options are available in the move-mode drop-downs. Work-around: stand/set move-mode first, then mark damage, the set distance traveled.

Fixed (old issue): 'Change Facing' should not be in the 'run' drop-down when prone and missing leg.
Fixed (old issue): Text for crit should be white when location is freshly lost but crit is old.
Fixed (old issue): Crit background should be grey when location was blown-off in previous phase.
Fixed (old issue): "abandoned" log entry should have red style.
Fixed (old issue): 'Head blown off' event emoji should not be a leg.
Fixed (old issue): Crippling damage event text should not be shown if precipitating event also destroyed the engine.
Fixed (old issue): With automations on, marking a leg loss while prone in movement phase before setting move mode could bork run and walk dropdown option listings.
Fixed: There should be no movement induced piloting check listed for running movement when a leg is, e.g. a unit standing on a run from prone with a flooded leg is not required to make another PSR at the end of movement. (In contrast, if they had a gyro hit, they would need another PSR.)
Fixed: With automations enabled, crippling damage check should happen when user manually marks internal damage.
Fixed: Losing a leg while in movement phase but before setting move mode should not effect move-mode options -- "missing-leg" flag should not be applied on fresh leg loss, only previous leg loss.
Fixed: Leg blown off should flag kick entry as fresh loss.
Fixed: Crippling damage event text should be after internal structure damage event text...
Fixed: Erasing internal damage should trigger crippling damage update.
Fixed: Crit text should be white when slot critted and in section destroyed that phase.
Fixed: Fixing internal damage should update crippling damage flag...
Fixed: Fresh critted slot background should be red.
Fixed: Internal damage shouldn't flag crit location as fresh damage unless location is lost.
Fixed: Misc. indentation issues in logged events.
Change: armor sections for locations that are stripped and flooded are colored a darker less saturated flooded-green-blue.
Change: Flooded side torso counts as 'destroyed side torso' for crippling damage.
Change: Event copy for incapacitation-related outcomes now uses word "Unit".


Signifigant refactoring in some important places. Event logging may be a little...different in some cases.

Fixed: Manually blown-off limb should be flagged as fresh damage when restored (within same phase) or when viewed remotely.
Fixed: Critical location header of location destroyed through internal damage shouldn't have a dropdown.
Fixed: Other misc.fresh damage flagging issues...

Change: Flooded sections will count as having internal damage when determining crippling damage status.


Change: Per ruling about propping on flooded arm being disallowed, flooded legs are now treated as floppy/destroyed for the purposes of:
• PSR obligations.
• MP calculation.
• Determining 'immobile' from loss of all limbs.

Fixed: When restoring save, rear armor torso locations should appear flooded if location is flooded.

Added: Display notice if manually triggerd crit chance result is none.


Fixed: "Roll Crit Chance" dropdown option should not be included without automations enabled.
Fixed: Punch attack should not be flagged as fresh damage when previously flooded arm is blown off or destroyed.
Fixed: Push attack should not be flagged as fresh damage when previously flooded arm is blown off or destroyed.
Fixed: When limb is manually detached, internal location dropdown should include only 'reattach'.

Change: Flooded status is not mutually exclusive with desroyed or blown-off
• Equipment in a flooded location that is later blown-off or destroyed will not be flaged as fresh damage.
• A flooded limb that is blown off and manually reattached will be flooded.
• A flooded location that is destroyed through internal damage and un-destroyed by erasing internal damage will be flooded.

Change: Flooded location crit table header has location name replaced with "FLOODED" label.
Change: Destroyed location crit table header has location name replaced with "DESTROYED" label.
Change: "Detach" dropdown option renamed to "Blown-off"


Fixed (old issue): PSR inducing damage applied in movement phase of turn 1 should induce PSRs. Related: Unit should advance to movement phase upon revealing.
Fixed: Manually reattaching leg should update displayed MP.
Fixed: Manually reattaching leg should update kick attack.
Fixed: Manually detaching should flag kick attack loss as fresh damage.
Fixed: Destroying leg should flag kick attack loss as fresh damage.
Fixed: Inventory listed equipment in blown-off limb should be marked as fresh damage.


Fixed: Rear torso should have flooded color when torso is flooded.
Fixed: Damage to integral equipment caused by flooding should not be logged unless it destroys the unit, just as damage from location destruction is not logged.
Fixed (old issue): "Mech Destroyed" entry in log should not be dim, only the entries after.


Change: Dropdown menu finally has an arrow when menu is placed above or below touch.
Change: 'Dismiss Flooded' option now 'Dry'.


Fixed: Flooded limbs should count towards four lost limbs when checking for immobile status.
Fixed: Crits on components in a location flooded in previous phase should not be highlighted (red) in
inventory as being recently lost.
Fixed: Components destroyed in a previous phase should not be highlighted (red) in
inventory as being recently lost when their location is flooded.
Fixed (old issue): Components destroyed by a crit in a previous phase should not be highlighted (red) in
inventory as being recently lost when crit in a subsequent phase.
Fixed: Unflood an arm with flooded side torso should require an unflooded side torso.
Fixed: Attempting to attach an arm with corresponding destroyed side torso is not allowed.

initial preview release

• Manually toggle flooded per location.
• Manually toggle limb/head detached (i.e. blown-off).
• Manually trigger crit chance in location. (NOTE: No feedback if computer rolls less than 8. )

These features are available in new crit-location header dropdown (see attached image).

Known issues:
• Crits to components in previously flooded location can cause inventory entries and damage visualization in other component-related panels to turn red as if it were fresh damage. (FIXED)
• User may dismiss flooded from arm when torso is flooded. (FIXED)
• Flooded locations don't count towards 'no limbs counts as immobile'. (FIXED)

Fixed: Crits on explosive component in blown-off limb do not induce explosions. NOTE: Crits on explosive component in blown-off limb should -probably- generate non-pilot-wounding explosions with damage constrained to the limb, but I can't think of a case where a blown-off limb can suffer a further critical hit, so...
Fixed: Damage to prototype jumpjet should flag jumpMP as phaseDamaged / color it red.
Fixed: Blown-off limb visualization shouldn't prevent corresponding side torso's thick outline from being visible.
Fixed: Blown-off limb with armor remaining should have a thin white outline recessed in the red area.


Fixed: Ammo explosion damage incorrectly calculated as 0 in some cases when the explosion happens after a unit is restored from a save.


Corrections to paper-doll's thick outline weights.


Added: Crippling Damage tracking.
Added: 'Link' button in force details panel.
Change: Redesigned paper-dolls; Paper-doll arm outline contingent on presence of hand and lower arm actuators; in case of absent lower and hand actuators, outline size dependent on existance of No/Minimal arms quirk, arm weapon kind and caliber, and armor total.
Change: Pilot data layout tweaks.
Change: Tweaks to force permissions button names and visibility.
Fixed: Inventory listing for L/M/S X-pulse Lasers w/ targeting computer should fit on line.
Fixed: Inventory listing for L/M/S light autocannons w/ targeting computer should fit on line.
Fixed: Mixed tech base listing should have parenthetical chassis type on next line.


Fixed: Clan ER Large Pulse Laser should be 3 crits, not 1.
Fixed: Clan ER Medium Pulse Laser should be 2 crits, not 1.
Fixed: IS Medium Re-engineered Laser ranges changed to 3|6|9 -- the 2017 BM stats I used are wrong.
Fixed: Inventory listing for Improved Heavy L/M/S Laser w/ targeting computer should fit on line.


Fixed: Units with MML + Artemis not included in unit list.


Added: Support for fire control systems (except for MMLs) and cluster roll modifiers.
• Artemis IV, Artemis V, Apollo, and Targeting Computer listed w/ linked weapon(s) in inventory.
• Apollo, Artemis V, and Targeting Computer's -1 to-hit modifier accounted for in inventory and in attacks.
• Artemis IV, Artemis V and Apollo cluster roll modifiers accounted for.
• ATM built-in Artemis IV accounted for.
• HAG 20/30/40 cluster rolls modified by range per rules.
• Prototype LBX10AC cluster rolls suffer -1 mod per rules.

Target players using v5.0 will not see FCS cluster roll modifiers displayed.



Breaking :
All players in a network game will need to use v5.0.0 or later.

Added: Re-declare attack results across the network. Remote players can update incoming attacks, or back up to before that phase's damage was applied and reapply the corrected attacks.
Added: View sheets remotely in a network game.
Added: When a sheet is marked, the whole collection gets a unique URL at which it resides permanetly.
Added: Attack calculator flags and prevents attacks on units in phases before that attack phase.
Added: Create an account and save collections of sheets, marked or otherwise; Control marking privliges, i.e. allow others to view a force but not mark it.
Added: Full support for: Heavy Gauss Rifles, Prototype Gauss Rifle, Primitive AC/10, Prototype Jump Jets.
Added: Print/Manual-Marking support for Machine Gun Arrays. Limitation: No automations.

Improved: Prototype LBX10AC can now jam.
Improved: Hardended session recovery. Sheets and marks can be recovered even when a window is closed.
Change / Removal: Sheets' logs only contain the current and previous turns' events.

UI tweaks.
Misc. bug fixes.
25 additional units now printable/markable
21 additional units support auotmations


Fixed: Applying damage to a sheet when it's in initiative phase should result in prompt asking if the marking is movement phase damage. (This issue should only have occured when first loading a sheet.)
Fixed: Should be able to mark pilot unconscious when in full manual mode.
Fixed: Numerous small cases where mark-related user-input should trigger auto-save.
Fixed: Missing internal equipment aliases for IS Heavy Machine Gun, IS Machine Gun Array, IS Heavy Machine Gun ammo (half); may cause some units to not show up in unit list that should.

Change: 'Next turn' button hidden while move mode and distance is unassigned.
Change: 'Next turn' should never be emphasized (yellow) until nothing else can be done to the sheet aside from end-of-phase business.
Change: 'Next phase' (physicals) button never emphasized (yellow) unless weapons phase piloting checks are resolved -- otherwise there may be more stuff to do that phase.

Change: Piloting check success screen how shows target number instead of penalty/modifier.


Added: Print/Manual-Marking support for Machine Gun Arrays. Limitation: No automations.

Fixed: Up until now, Clan units with Heavy Machine Guns and a (Heavy) Machine Gun Array should not have been supported at all, but were, but displayed with an extra Heavy Machine Gun (in place of the unsupported (Heavy) Machine Gun Array).


Fixed: PSR obligations for prototype jumpjets should show up when in manual mode.


Added: Calculator UI for when attack results on a secondary target is locked due to target advancing to next turn.
Added: The following weapons can now jam: Gauss Rifle Prototype, LBX10AC Prototype, Primitive Autocannon/10.
Fixed: LBX10AC should have the following limitation note: Cluster munitions only.

Fixed: (!) The following user actions should trigger saving even when automations are off: All manual crit-table (and ammo) actions, manual shutdown toggle, manual prone toggle, manual unconscious toggle.


Added: Firing Heavy Gauss Rifles now induces and modifies piloting check obligations. Heavy Gauss and Improved Heavy Gauss now fully supported.
Added: PSR requirement for Jump Jet Prototype is listed on sheet; Jumping w/ prototype Jump Jets induces a piloting check; Jump Jet Prototype fully supported.
Added: Alert in calculator if physical is declared against target in weapons phase.

Change / Fixed: Should not be able to resolve physical attack against a unit in weapons phase.
Fixed: (!) Reverting to a previous state because of re-declared attack results should not break sheet's event logging for that turn.
Fixed: Negative PSR modifiers should not be listed as '+ - X' in text descriptions.
Fixed: Improved Heavy Gauss was improperly flagged as manual marking only.
Fixed: Rolled location, cluster hits, aim hits, etc. of redeclared attacks should be logged.

Change / Fixed: If the target of a resolved attack advances to the next turn, the attacker's attack results become 'locked' and can not be updated. In the event the attacker is splitting fire, non-locked attacks can be re-declared. Redeclaring attacks against a target that has advanced to the next turn should not be allowed.


Fixed: When two units fire on one another, and one then advances to the next turn immediately from weapons phase, the other's attack results should not update to include the now cleared relational map data (range & elevation difference).


Fixed?: Safari?: Bug that could cause the damage event ask prompt buttons to reveal repeatedly forever. (RecordSheet's trackTransform should never be called when already queued.)


Bug Hunting.


Fixed: Remote player's callsign should update when changed.
Fixed: Debounced 'sheet-marked' event emitting; May mitigate internal error and/or a momentary performance hit here or there when a location is destroyed or un-destroyed.
Tweak: Error logging


Fixed: iOS: Sheets should not move upon receiving focus (after their tab is selected).


Removed: Clicking player name opens separate window with all of that player's sheets.
Fixed: iOS/Safari: Remote viewed sheet height sometimes incorrect.
Fixed: Tablets: Touching attack panel close button can trigger login button. (?!)
Fixed: Sheets that failed to load should not have tab drop-down options.
Fixed: offline/online notices.
Fixed: Support link should not appear when user_mode is TWA.
Added: Record-sheet data-load-failure feedback.
UI tweaks.


Fixed: Touching sheet tab before sheet is loaded shouldn't cause an internal error.


Change: Selecting 'next turn' will skip phase-related confirmation modals, except the requirement to input move mode and distance.


Fixed: It should be possible to redeclare weapon attack results after weapons phase so long as the calculator is presenting ranged-weapons info.


Fixed: It should not be possible to declare and resolve attacks against a sheet that has a set movement but is still in the movement phase. (This could cause attacker's attack results to not display properly.)

Fixed: iOS/Safari: Closing remote view panel should not cause sheet svg patterns and filters to disappear.


Fixed: Heat flags returned to manual mode.
Fixed: Enabling automations when heat is marked transfers that heat from final heat to initial heat.
UI tweaks


Error logging tweaks.
Fix: Attempt to restore automation options can cause start-up loading issue if no options saved in user data.


Automation settings now handled kinda separately from saved forces.

Added: When logged in, automation settings are saved to user data and restored on login.
Added: When not logged in, automation settings are stored in browser.

Removal: If running multiple tabs with different automation options, the different settings will not be saved separately. No guarantee on which set of settings is saved.

Change: Automation settings are not overwritten when loading a cloud-saved force.
Change: When importing from an exported session file, if the file's automation options are different than the current settings, a prompt asks if they should be used.
Change: network room and user call-sign not overwritten when loading/importing a force -- it stays as whatever it is set to.

Misc. UI tweaks.


Fixed: Logging in with sheets displayed should auto-create a force for those sheets.
Fixed: Regression: Broke loading sheets on start based on querystring when not logged in.


Misc. UI tweaks.


Fixed: Internal error attempting to create force from query string when user has no forces.
Fixed: When logged in, after cleaning user data, making new sheets fails to create a new force.


Added: 'Loading' note for record-sheets.

Fixed: Print shortcut not working when sheet has focus.
Fixed: Refreshing the page while viewing unmarked sheets and logged in will lead to a duplicate force being saved with those sheets.
Fixed: Unit Name/Alias distinctions (e.g. Dire Wolf/Daishi) not accounted for in force sub-panel roster.
Fixed: Supplemental screen styling.

Changed (under the hood): Sheet archive:designation is now the displayed designation (which accomodates the preference for using the unit's alias) and not the underlying fixed mechDef designation.
Changed (under the hood): Force archives and force summaries include array of unit names.


Added: 'Delete user data' button in account sub-panel.

Fixed: Pilots' name and skill should update in network panel when changed.
Fixed: Pilots' piloting skill listed incorrectly on network screen.
Fixed: Roster for loaded force doesn't update if displayed in subpanel.
Fixed: Roster entries should remain displayed while closing sub-panel.


Fixed: Attacks with a base-to-hit of 0 shouldn't be flagged as incomplete declarations.
Fixed: Mechmenu font weight incorrect in Safari.
Change: Network screen UI tweaks.
(merged 4.3.7)


Added: Redeclared attack results are logged; Previous results are visually diminished.


Fix/Added: Added close button on pop-out view-force page; (iOS users running Flechs Sheets fullscreen need a way to close this screen.)


Fixed: Visual glitch on remote view sheet transition.
Change: Display force's URL upon joining network match, even if sheets have no marks or automations enabled.
Fixed: Sometimes view-remote-player's-force doesn't work until after sheet is marked.


Fixed: Safari/iOS: View-remote-force-in-separate-window blocked.


(Merged 4.3.6)


(Merged 4.3.5)
Added: Remote sheet view updates when remote sheet is marked.
Change: Selecting your units on the network screen jumps to that tab instead of opening a remote view.
Misc. UI/layout fixes/tweaks
Fixed: Safari: Clipboard content area should not scroll on recordsheet focus.


Fixed: In the event of disconnection from network game, user should be able to attempt re-join.


Fixed: Recordsheet should receive focus after revealing if it's displayed
Fixed: Presented recordsheet should receive focus after account panel closed.
Fixed: app-level shortcuts.


Fixed: Misc. account panel UI/layout edge-cases.


Fixed: Remote sheet pop-over should be navigable via desktop-shortcuts.
Fixed: Modal dialog should receive keyboard focus on reveal.
Fixed: Account panel should receive keyboard focus after modal dialog closed.


Added: View a single remote sheet within the main window by selecting the unit on the network panel. (View a full force remotely in a seperate window by selecting the player.)
Added: Export saved forces without loading them first.
Added: Force details panel shows roster (unit names).

Fixed: Recordsheet should fade in on reveal.
Fixed: Should not be possible to tab to account panel controls while panel is hidden.


Fixed: Email field shouldn't lose focus on account panel slide out


Fixed: When copying a force, the new copy should be displayed in the account panel.
Fixed: Misc UI stuff.


Fixed: Can't export loaded force from account panel.
Fixed: Export should not be enabled on account panel when force is not loaded. (For the moment...)


Change: Force management is now in new "account" panel and other UI revisions
Change: Each sheets' event log will be abridged to its current and previous turns.


Removed: "Summary" option from incoming attack dropdown.


Change: Error logging tweak.
(Included 4.3.4 fix)


Change: Error logging tweak.


Fixed: Mech variant nicknames should follow variant text in subheader not model name.


Fixed?: Sometimes creating a new force while logged in results in an error prompt about a missing force.
Fixed?: Selecting 'make copy' when attempting to load backup that was claimed on another device can fail.
Fixed: Automated should not be able to target local sheets w/out automations.


Fixed: Physicalling the same unit the attacker shout shouldn't cause an updated attack prompt.
Fixed: Issues around declaring changes to physical attack at same target attacker shot.
Fixed: Internal: Attacker's redaction of physical attacks shouldn't remove weapon attacks from target's buffer, just in case.

Known Issue: Declaring changes to physical attack at same target attacker shot where can not undo the applied weapon attacks.
Known Issue: Attack changes can not be re-declared if sheets are reloaded (through export/import or refresh).


Added: When redeclaring attacks at a target when the target has already resolved some of the attacks, the target controler has the option to reset the sheet to the beginning of the phase, or (if an attack phase) the moment right after their attack declaration.
NOTE: manually applied damage will need re-applied.

Fixed: Issue cloud saving with resolved psr rolls.
Fixed: Issue restoring archive with resolved piloting skill rolls.
Fixed: Issue loading an archive where modified pilot skill may not show up.
Fixed: URL incorrect when custom imported.

Known Issue: (fixed) Refreshing the page while viewing unmarked sheets and logged will lead to duplicate forces with those sheets.
Known Issue: (fixed) Sometimes creating a new force while logged in results in an error prompt about a missing force.
Known Issue: (fixed?) Selecting 'make copy' when attempting to load backup that was claimed on another device can fail.
Known Issue: Custom .mtf not added to user's list on import in some cases? [can't reproduce]


Fixed? Issue where marking a sheet for the first time (or enabling automations) could cause all sheets to unload and an error message to be presented...


Added: Re-declare attack results on the network.
When 'redeclaring', the new results will replace the old ones in the target player's incoming attacks buffer. If the target is changed, the shots will be removed from the original target's buffer.

! NOTE: If you redeclare attacks after the target has applied damage, the applied damage is not affected and there is currently no notification about this on either side!

Fixed: In network game, if attacker declares attack results at sheet while sheet's owner has the attack panel open, the attack panel should update to include the new attacks.


Added: Manual sheets are listed on network screen.
Fixed: Network player doesn't need a sheet with automations enabled in order to view their sheets.
NOTE: Manual sheets may not be targeted in the calculator as always.
Change: Unmarked sheets will not be stashed when closing the window if not logged in.
Change: When logged in, deleting the currently open force will not auto-generate a new force.
Fixed: Opening a window when previously logged in will not create a blank force.
Fixed: In some cases when linking to units, then marking them, them opening the presented force link in another tab, the window
with the original force would not be prompted to close its copies of the sheets
Fixed: Mechmenu offline notice shouldn't overlap customs notice

Known Issue: Refreshing the page while logged in and with unmarked sheets open will create a duplicate force with those sheets.

v5.0.0.b20-08-28-... [h2]

Fixed: Issue with deep-linking introduced in the previous hot-fix. Go figure.

v5.0.0.b20-08-28-... [h]

Fixed: Issue in preview with new forces auto-created when not-logged in not being tracked properly.

Change: If logged in, deleting the current force will auto-create a new blank force.

Known issue: Opening a new window while when previously logged in may create a new blank force.


Lots of refactoring.

Change: Force loading, importing, and other force management actions should be much faster in many (but not all) circumstances.

Change: Force Leasing overhaul : If a user opens a public force or a force they own, that window immediately and automatically gets exclusive control. Anywhere else with that force open is notified and given the sole option of closing their sheets. Changes in the new window with control will not propagate to the old window.

Change: It's possible to have no force selected while logged in. Creating a new sheet will create a new force.


Added: Force leasing:
-Attempts to open a force in second browser/device should be met with a warning.
-If another browser indeed has a force open, and that browser is closed or becomes disconnected without the user switching to another force explicitly, their lease on the force will expire after 30 min.
-The prompt can be skipped though.
-The prompt should not appear if just refreshing the page.

Change: When closing a window with an open force and opening a new window when not logged in, the force will no longer automatically restore, but a backups button will be shown. Which can be used to restore sessions.


Change: Force actions menu (copy,disown/claim,delete) now available for selected force.


Fixed: Error logging issue that may cause a hang or worse.
Fixed: Silent error and potentially peculiar behavior when attempting to open a link to a unit while offline?
Fixed: Potential problem with auto-restoring from an older version of a session archive.

Bug hunting...


Added: Sheets w/o automations show up when viewing a force.
Added: (Experimental) agressive auto-save on sheet marking; Can't yet gaurantee it happens for everything.
Added: Forces can be claimed/unclaimed on force management screen.
Added: Unloaded forces can be renamed.

Change: Viewed forces update 'continuously' instead of on phase change.
Change: Exported sessions/forces are exported as copies and without an owner.
Change: Unclaimed sessions can be deleted by anyone. (!)
Change: Force management screen UI

Fixed: Recordsheet modified date property.
Fixed: All kinds of import and force-management action issues when offline.
Fixed: Old archive unit count doesn't show up properly when imported.
Fixed: Old archive modified date is undefined when imported.
Fixed: More issues with interactions between deep-linking and session storage than I can count.

Known issue: In network game can't open a view window for opponents force if none of their sheets have automations enabled.
Known issue: When not logged in, it's possible for stashed backups to accumulate forever, or unless you clear your browser history.
Known issue: Logging in when a public force was last selected should prompt about claiming in.
Known issue: Importing a force while logged in should prompt about claiming it.
Known issue: Stashed backups should be saved to user account on login and be removed from stash.
Known issue: Old imported archives dones't display mass correctly until after they're imported and cloud-saved.


Added: Basic force management when logged in.
• Naming
• Loading
• Deleting
• Autosave on exit
• Import and claim force
• Import forces as a copy
• Claim forces created before login
• Create new (blank) force

Added: Improved session restore
• Auto restore after closing window/browser (even while not logged in) when arriving through main url.
• Sessions from multiple tabs won't collide. Users'a are prompted on arrival about multiple backups and may select.
• Prompt about one or mor backups existing when arriving at Flechs Sheets through a link to a design(s) or forces
• Session backups persist if the user skips restoring, e.g. when arriving through a design link.

Added: If, when starting, there's a backup session that doesn't match the URL (e.g. a link to a specific set of clean unit sheets), prompt user to pick between the backup session and the URL.
Added: Close button on login modal.

Change: Importing or reloading session save while in a network game will not auto-connect to the network game, but it will populate the fields.
Change: If logged in and a sheet is marked, url should point to that force. This url can be visited by anyone, but for anyone other than the owner, it will present the force as view-only.
Change: Attempting to import the same session into multiple tabs prompts user to copy it or cancel, i.e. the same force may not be run in two separate tabs/windows.
Change: disabled sheet-sliding part of transition for enabling automation.
Change: Imports are all or nothing -- may not merge a file into currently open units. (It'll be back someday.)

Fixed: Session archives created while disconnected will not save the player's handle or room name.
Fixed: Pilot names of unarchived sheets not showing up.
Fixed: Should not prompt when closing tab if session is blank.
Fixed: Importing same mtf file when logged in can result in incorrect custom count displaying in mech menu.
Fixed: Internal error on touching selected non-sheet tab.


Fix: url not updating properly when custom unit is retrieved while logged in.
Internal: Error logging tweaks.
Change: Tweak favicon.


Added: Basic email account creation, login/logout.
Added: Customs uploaded while signed in get tied to account and show up in the mech menu while signed in.
Added: Privacy Policy


Fixed: Issue with unarchiving changes in detached limb status.


Added: Prototype remote force viewing for sheets w/ automations enabled.
• Enter a room on the network screen, then click a player's force (including your own).
• At the moment, a remotely viewed sheet's marks are updated when the sheet advances to the next phase + a few other situations (resolves attack or resolves all incoming attacks)

Change: Save is now Export : Command/Windows Key + E

Fixed: Internal: clusterHits::damageGroups should not contain a reference to the weapon entry node.


Fixed: When two units fire on one another, and one then advances to the next turn immediately from weapons phase, the other's attack results should not update to include the now cleared relational map data (range & elevation difference).


Fixed: In calculator, setting attack direction to rear while aiming at head sets the aimed direction to head (rear) and fails to include the +3 penalty for aiming at the head.

Change: Aimed shot location in calculator is spelled out; Note: rear limbs are listed w/o 'rear', but scatter correctly on rear chart.


Fixed regression: Safari/iOS: Closing a sheet sometimes causes svg patterns and filters in other sheets to stop appearing.


Fixed: Should be possible to print multiple sheets at a time from Chrome.
Known issue: Prints from Firefox are blurry and too small.


Fixed: Manually changing current heat with automations on should effect displayed MP.


Fixed: Mech variant nickname should appear next to variant not after model name.


Fixed: url encoding issue that would've created problems in the future.


Fixed: Clicking in the space between options of a modal window shouldn't count as a selection.
Fixed?: Unused filter in RecordSheet svg has incorrect xlink:href for asset, may or may not cause hiccups when updating in some browsers.


Added: Dismissed PSRs, dismissed attacks, and dismissed status flags (unconscious, prone, ejected, etc.) are now included in the log.

! Change: Refactored Piloting Skill Roll Obligation handling
• Phase damage (red) no longer becomes stale (black) after resolving piloting check or standing. It's now technically possible (per ruling) for falling damage incured during movement to induce a PSR at the end of movement if the unit ends the phase upright.
• If additional PSR inducing or modifying damage is applied after resolving PSR obligations for a phase, but before advancing to the next phase, the new TN and count is compared to previous rolls and if the new obligations number more in quantity or difficulty, the phase's PSR button reappears with the total number and difficulty of the PSR obligations that need to be met that phase (opposed to just obligations indeuced by new damage). On selecting 'roll', previous rolls are compared to the new difficulty, and if there are more checks necessary than there are previous rolls, additional rolls are made.

Change: Incoming attacks sorting back to damage group size rather than by hit/miss.

Fixed: User should be able to force a piloting check for a prone unit. (The prompt should be qualified as 'attempt to stand').
Fixed: When a shutdown unit's heat will drop below 14 in that turn's heat phase, "restart reactor" button should be shown in obligation strip; "Confirm" should be the only option in its dropdown menu.
Fixed: Target number for declared attack should be white even when fresh actuator crit effects future TNs.
Fixed: Component bracket should be red when parent location is blown off.
Fixed: Sheet position has no transition when switching between split view and sheet-solo view.
Fixed: Sheet sizing issue for manual sheets in Safari.
Fixed: Gear/Notice dropdown flaky in some versions of iOS.
Fixed: PSR obligations should update if kick TN is updated and result changes from hit to miss or vice versa.
Fixed: iOS14 Beta 3?: When selecting crit slot during crit chance resolution, system can sometimes get stuck after input -- there may be a system bug with transitionend events...
Fixed: Changing gunnery skill should cause declared ranged attack TNs to update.
Fixed: Hit location, aim, and cluster results for outgoing attacks should not be logged if they miss.
Fixed: EventPanel doesn't autoscroll to bottom in Firefox.
Fixed: "This unit is likely..." prompt should refer to actual unit.
Fixed: "This unit is likely..." prompt should not appear when dead/abandonded.
Fixed: Heatsink dot damge from limb detachment should be red during the phase limb was detached.
Fixed: When fixing a torso such that it is no longer destroyed, inventory entries for equipment in the reattached arm should update.
Fixed: When loading a unit that was saved with a blown-off arm that contained heatsinks when the heat generated was exactly the heat dissipated, a descrepency in the availableHeatSinks should not interrupt parsing the rest of the save file.
Fixed: Three engine crits shoudn't generate 15 heat, only 10; Lets just assume the heat generated from the loss of the shielding from the third hit and the fact the engine stops running part-way through the turn cancel ecah other out.
Fixed: If 'details' then 'resolve' is selected for PSR, sheet should not attempt to jump ahead two phases.
Fixed: On multiple PSR obligations, should only display (one) success notice if all rolls pass.
Fixed: Undeclaring ammo-dependent weapon should update linked bin's inUse flag.
Fixed: Log button transition when calculator is revealed.
Fixed: Exploded components of a loaded sheet should not be explosive.
Fixed: Sheets saved with phase-blown-off location and reloaded: inventory entries of components in detached location may not be flagged as gone.
Fixed: In manual mode, Sinks Panel >> 'Shutdown' shouldn't ask for clarification about when shutdown occured.
Fixed: Marking unit shutdown or pilot unconscious in manual mode should still apply immobile flag.
Fixed: Marking pilot unconscious should request more granular clarification about when it happened (previos turn, previous phase, this phase).
Fixed: In physical phase after attacking, with armor damage but no PSR obligation, and heat will change, the 'Next Phase' (heat phase) button should be shown.
Fixed: Loaded units that were saved after dimissing a PSR but before advancing to the next turn may have their original psr obligations listed.
Fixed: It should not be possible to mark a pilot unconscious when they have no wounds.
Fixed: Fall direction not correctly set on reload if unit prone. May lead to direction dice not showing if unit is saved and restored again.
Fixed: Loaded units that were saved after applying heat and shutting down, but before completing the heat phase, will attempt to illegally restart their reactor in the end phase when the user advances to the next turn.
Fixed: auto-shutdown flag not saved; if unit has heat applied but hasn't rolled PSRs, the PSR obligations for the loaded sheet may be none instead of one.
Fixed: Fixing gyro/leg-actuator hits during movement phase should clear unstable-run/jump flags, otherwise PSR highlighting by movememnt mode may be incorrect.
Fixed: Fixing all PSR inducing crits during movement phase after declaring move should produce a 'next phase' button to move to weapons phase.
Fixed: Restored sessions do not properly flag ammo bins as inUse when they were saved as being inUse.

Fixed: Internal: Issue that could result in empty error log being sent to server.
Fixed: Internal: User cancel should not be logged as error.
Fixed: Internal: Heatsink damage report taking too long for as frequently as it's called.
Fixed: Internal: destroyedByExplosion field for saved unit location internal damage data should be boolean not SVGElement.
Fixed: Internal: Fall direction should not be saved if upright.
Fixed: Internal: Attack::toJSON return fields should contain primative data -- AttackModifierList and AttackModifier now have proper toJSON methods. (Apparently AttackModifierList.map was returning AttackModifierList...)
Fixed: Internal: When attack has modifier(s) with null value, the final target number should be NaN.
Fixed: Internal: Zero pilot wounds should strip unconscious flag on updatePilotVitals().
Fixed?: Potential problem with saving custom unit to cloud when custom was loaded into Flechs Sheets while offline and then internet connection is re-established.


Fixed: Issue where manual mark input would be counted twice.

Reverted to 4.2.0

(Found serious bug with manual marking when automations were enabled.)


Fixed: Issue with dismissing automation button.


Fixed: When linking to sheet that supports automations, the sheet should still default to manual mode.
Fixed: Notice about new default should only show once if first encounter is through a link to multiple sheets or loading a session with multiple sheets.


! Change: Manual mode is now default — Automations must be turned on via the gear button.

Change: Log is not displayed when in manual mode.
Fixed: Blank placeholder recordsheet (hack for avoiding Safari fragment issue) should not be printed.
Fixed: Facebook links' fbclid query addition scrubbed from url.


Fix: og.php link redirects should include full query string in event of user_mode link.


Added: Imported mtf files are saved in the cloud and can be linked to like stock units.
Added: Download mtf for a specific unit via unit name (or tab) dropdown.
Added: Get link to a specific design via unit name (or tab) dropdown.


New features in 4.1.0.b20-07-01


Fixed: Flags for 'noFire' and 'noMelee' should be removed at end of turn.
Fixed: "Fire Nothing?" should be asked when selecting 'incoming weaspons > resolve each' when unit hasn't fired.
Change: Incoming attacks are sorted so that missed attacks are at the end of the queu when resolving each.
Change: 'advance to x phase?' prompt delayed.
Change: Attack Panel automatically closes after last attack resolves.
Change: "Melee" changed to either "Attack" or "Physical Attacks" in various UI locations.
Removed: Event Panel backdrop filter (was leading to visual glitches in Chrome).
Removed: [Change: Recordsheet diagram margins reduced on screen.]


Fixed(ish): In Safari and iOS, closing a sheet sometimes causes a remaining sheet's patterns and filters to dissapear, resulting in various visual bugs. The problem is tied to a known webkit bug with SVG fragment references within a shadowDom. This version includes a work-around to prevent the issue persisting, though there may still be a single frame flash of a missing pattern in some cases.


! Fixed: Aimed shots that scatter then roll 2 for location should trigger through armor critical chances.


Added: Outgoing attack information for location rolls, called shot results, cluster results, and through-armor-critical chance occurance now logged. NOTE: Actual hit locations may vary based on target condition! e.g. A shot that hits the LA may end up damaging the LT.


Fixed: Manual sheets: Selecting shutdown should not result in clarification prompt.
Fixed: Overview dropdown should include "Dismiss Shutdown" not 'shutdown' when unit is shutdown.
Fixed: Pilot dropdown should include "Dismiss ejected" not "EJECT" when pilot has ejected.
Fixed: Automated sheet pilot dropdown should include "Unconscious/Wake up".
Fixed: Finger cursor and :active stying for touchable status flags (Prone, Unconscious, Explosion, Ejected).
(Status flags have background class.)
Fixed: Don't prompt about move mode on shutdown if unit hasn't moved.


Fixed: When a unit that declared a move-mode other than stationary is manually flagged, later in the turn, has having been shutdown, the user is prompted to fix/set the decalred movement to stationary.


Fixed: Unit w/automations, manually marked shutdown, then restored from save, should be marked immobile-for-weapons/physicals as appropriate.
Fixed: If immobile-inducing-shutdown status manually dismissed prior to heat phase, immobile-for-weapons/physicals status should be removed.
Fixed: If immobile-inducing unconscious status manually dismissed prior to end phase, immobile-for-weapons/physicals status should be removed.
Fixed: If missing four limbs and one limb is manually reattached, immobile-for-weapons/physicals should be removed.


Fixed: Game event resolution element using initial window size for layout calculations but should use current panel size / panel display size should be re-calculated after window resizing.


Fixed: When in portrait, the log should close when game event resolution pop-overs are presented.


Fixed: After movement-phase PSR, answering 'no' to 'advance phase?' prompt should not advance to weapons.
Fixed: If a user has set movement mode and hexes-traveled, stand options should not display if it is prone.


Fixed: Touch and drag to delare weapons should set subsequent weapons to the same declaration status as was set in the initial touch; it should not toggle them.


Change: Advancing to next phase after resolving piloting skill check obligations is contingent on user choosing, via a prompt, to advance.
Fixed: Falling damage shouldn't turn black (stale) immediately after fall completion.


Fixed: In weapons/physicals phase, when attacks aren't declared, incoming attacks button should be grey and PSR should be grey (if no incoming attacks).


! Fixed: Heat sink panel should accomodate up to 42 heat sinks. (See ANH-1E)
! Fixed: Automated heat tracking fails for units with 40-42 heat sinks. (See ANH-1E)


! Fixed: Crits don't occur when 'Critical Chance Count' set to AUTO.


Fixed: Shouldn't ask about no attacks when unit can't prop.


Fixed: Can't prop flag not removed when manually reattaching limb, or restored
Fixed: Can't prop flag not restored when loading unit missing an arm.


Fixed: Incoming weapons button should not be grey when can't prop.
Fixed: 'Declare Weapons?' should not be displayed when can't prop.


Fix: Incoming weapons button should not be grey when charging/DFAing.


Added: Manually marking unit as shutdown is logged.
Added: Alert about being displaced.

Change: Attack Strip, "vs" >>> "TN"
Change: Removed heat phase 'resolve all' option.
Change: User must always comfirm incoming attacks are complete before resolving PSR obligations.
Change: Under the hood refactoring of phae control and phase-change speedbump messages; new/different messages (e.g.'shotes complete: back, correct') may appear under slighty different and more frequent circumstances.

Fixed: Unit flagged as both noMelee and physicaled: unable to declare physicals anyway but should be.
Fixed: Extra "incoming..." logged in physical phase after resolving PSRs if unit had been attacked.
Fixed: Can't resolve push!
Fixed: Outgoing physical attacks sometime resolved in weapons phase.
Fixed: Outgoing physical attack mods and roll result not logged.


Fix: PSR log indentation issue.


Change: "Non Functional" Equipment limitation note is now "Not Supported"


Fixed: Heat induced pilot wounds when w/o life support should emphasize heat scale.


Fixed: When confirming MELEE attack in phyisicals phase, system shouldn't ask if shots are complete; it should only happen if still in weapons or movement phase.


Fixed: Overzelous ad blocker blocking sheets' event log component code causing sheet to be stuck in loading state and potentially other issues.


Fixed: Head blown off flagged destroyed instead of crit-induced-loss resulting in improper style and inability to manually re-attach head.


Fixed: Issue with actuator crit effects introduced by new crit-chart revision.


Fixed: Printing can disable automations.


Fixed: Calculator: May not set prone kick target as one level higher or lower.
Fixed: Calculator: May not set prone punch target as same level or lower.
Fixed: Calculator: Illegal elevation difference for prone target when declaring a Punck or Kick disables Melee button. (This can happen if target prone is flagged after selecting an elevation difference.)


Fixed: Issue with manual to-hit choice of "hit" when TN is <2.
Fixed: Custom TN can be set to bad value when bailing on TN dropdown while weapon has no valid TN yet.
Fixed?: Possible issue where saving session while a unit is loading could cause issues?
Fixed?: Possible issue: attempt to send error log while offline might throw an error?

4.1.0.b20-07-01... [public preview starts]

Added: Stats for Clan Rotary AC/2,5
Added: Stats for Clan Prototmek AC/2,4,8
• 12 new units now viewable
• 4 additional units support automations

Added: Partial rapid fire support (Ultra and Rotary)
• 2x rate is always used, ammo permitting.
• Jam on a 2.
• No automations for unjamming Rotary AC.

Added: New Automation Items:
• attacking
• pilot safety
• conscious checks
• explosion damage
• fall direction
• fall damage
• critical hit count
• critical hit slot resolution

Added: Additional automation options: Note and Ask.
Note interrupts resolution to alert the user about what will happen.
Ask interrupts resolution to request input from the user.

(Re)Added: Re-enabled ability to set custom target number for specific attacks:
Touch the target number of a declared weapon and select the desired TN.
Clear custom TN by undeclaring the weapon.

Added: During damage event resolution interruptions, non-relevant sheet elements are visually de-emphasized.
Added: "Declare Weapons?" and "Declare Physicals" items in the obligation strip to encourage following declarationg -> resolution procedure. Selecting "Not Attacking" just hides the prompt.
Added: Attack Panel: Attack and damage group entries have specific/unique visual appearenece when mid-resolution.
Added: Flechs version noted in unit log when sheet created or loaded.
Added: Force a piloting check — Touch the Pilot panel header, select "Piloting Check" and then the difficulty. If failed, a pilot safety check will be resolved per the global automation settings.
Added: MoF for and resulting wounds for ejection are included in log.

Change: Changelog has html page.
Change: Uncritable slot numbers are dimmed; 1-3,4-6 headers are dimmed where there is no crittable equipment in lower chart.
Change: Crit numbering layout tweaks.
Change: "Log" button moved to right and is now a toggle; "Close log" button removed.
Change: Modal pop-over styling tweak + visual feedback on selection made.
Change: Fall option in overview header dropdown notes that intentional falls are not allowed.
Change: Tweaked fall logging.
Change: Changing movement mode later in round, log says 'User changed move to...'

Fixed: "Declare Weapons?" should not appear in obligation strip when DFA or Charge is declared.
Fixed: Sheet always advances to physicals even if 'shots not complete' selected. (When attempting to resolve DFA or CHARGE Melee)
Fixed: Second sensor hit shouldn't log as a regular sensor hit.
Fixed: Head destruction shouldn't result in sensor hits logged.
Fixed: Calculator should list "Sensor Hit" not "Attacker Sensor Hit".
Fixed: Created back buttons for supplemental screens so iOS users can go back without having to swipe from left.
Fixed: In some conditions, in Safari, loading flechs sheets with link to a unit can cause a race condition that causes flechs to throw an error and report a failure to parse MTF.
Fixed: Jump movement entry is grey when unit is 0 jump jets by default.
Fixed: Attack result text should be white (not red) when entry location is destroyed that phase.
Fixed: "Mech Disabled" should not be logged when ejected/ejecting pilot dies.
Fixed: "Mech Immobile" should not be logged when ejected/ejecting pilot goes unconscious.
Fixed: Extra "incoming..." displayed in log after leaving weapons/physicals phase, or when leaving weapons phase where there were no incoming attacks.
Fixed: Head hit after ejection should not cause wound.
Fixed: High heat and lack ot life support should not cause pilot damage after ejection.
Fixed: Head destruction post ejection should not kill pilot.
Accepting incoming weapons/physical attacks when sheet is in a later phase could result in PSR obligations appearing at the current (later) phase and stacking with damage modifiers for that phase.
Sheets will now jump back to the appropriate phase and any induced PSR obligations will occur in that earlier phase when the damage occured.
However, the modifiers may be incorrect because the system does not know what damage occured in that previous phase.
It is up to users to resolve descrepencies manually.
Moreover, damage or falls in this earlier phase will not effect later incoming or outgoing attacks.
It is up to users to handle any necessary corrections manually in these situations also.

Fixed: Spacebar jump-zoom should flag sheet as zoomed trigger reset-zoom button.
Fixed: Applying heat and then selecting 'next turn' should not skip heat-effect resolution (avoid ammo explosion/shutdown)
Fixed: Ask-modal provides visual feedback on button selection.
Fixed: Ask-modal buttons sometimes active on appearence if appearing right after another.
Fixed: Text wrapping issue on sheet delete screen modal.
Fixed: IS Rotary ACs minimum range incorrect.
Fixed: IS Rotary AC/5 shortest abrv was RAC/2.
Fixed: Failed pilot safety checks not caused by ejection may not log right under some conditions.

Improved performance when resolving many outgoing attacks. (In Chrome especially)
Improved performance when switching sheets.
Improved performance when declaring attacks.


Fixed: Sensor hit penalty sometimes applied twice.
Fixed: Weapons don't visualize as forbidden when sensors are destroyed (in previous phase).


Fixed: Issue where loading a marked mech without an itemized inventory, where there was a crit on an item that was aggregaedt in the inventory could throw an error and fail to update the inventory.
Fixed: Issue where reloading a manual sheet could fail to initialize manual marking functionality.


Fixed: When changing the target after having set woods cover, the inventory TNs should update after the woods cover declaration is moved to the new target.


Fixed: Bug that could cause high continuous cpu usage in Safari/iOS while otherwise idle.


Fixed: Push attack can't be resolved.
Fixed: Push attack 'location' shouldn't be displayed in itemized attack panel.


Removed heat scale animation to eliminate cpu use on mobile. Colors tweaked for clarity.


Fixed: Issue where saved session containing a marked manual-mode sheet may not load.


Fixed: Issue with hot-key panel alignment after window resizing introduced in 4.0.1


Fixed: Mouse wheel / vertical scroll should scroll attack panel.


Added / Fixed: A pop-over notice now appears to provide feedback when the log is hidden and...
• A PSR is passed.
• An avoid ammo explosion roll is passed.
• An avoid shutdown roll is passed.
• A restart reactor roll is failed.

Fixed: "Resolve Each" button included as option in incoming attacks > summary pop-overs.


Fixed: Window resizing bug.

4.0.0 (formerly 3.8.0)

All players will need to use this version or higher in network play in order for new attack panel to work correctly. Older save files are a-ok.

Added: Attack Resolution Panel : View and resolve attacks per attack or per unit. Related Known issue: Sometimes on re-opening panel, it does not slide to correct location.

Added: Shortcut: Sheet Navigation: Space: Jump in/out to/from cursor.
Added: Sheet/log split view when in landscape orientation or window is 4:3 or wider.
Added: "Cancel" option to "shutdown" clarification dialog.

Improved: Unit tab switching responsiveness when selected unit has many attack results revealed.
Improved: Desktop short-cut sheet navigation: Flashes of white sometimes occur.
Change: Version check when playing in network game. From this point on, being in a room with a major version lower or higher than other players will prompt an refresh/upgrade notice for everyone.
Change: Event log auto-scrolls downward towards most recent event when event is added.
Change: Event log label back to "LOG".
Change: Event log blurs background when open.
Change: Incoming attacks : "Accept" is now "Resolve All".
Change [in progress]: Incoming fire "Details" option now "Summary"
Change [in progress]: "Summary" option for "incoming attacks" shows only declared attacks if the unit has not declared and resolved attacks itself but shows results if the unit -has- attacked that phase, explicitly declared "not attacking", or was immobile for that phase.
Change: http://sheets.flechs.net/contact -> http://flechs.net/contact
Change: Saved file version: 0.1 -> 0.2. Will now check save file version to make sure it's not ahead of current version number.

Change: Incoming/outgoing attack log
mod descriptions include "Attacker" "Target" where appropriate.
mods for Attacker Move, Target Move and Range always included even if the value is +0
Attacker pilot name included in attacker description for incoming attacks.
Absolute hex range included in range description.

Change: Page title revised.
Change: Momentum scrolling is no longer in place on iOS11.
Change: Replced 6th wound graphic with ×
Change: Critical table location area now changes color when location destroyed/blown-off.
Fixed: Saves and session restores from this version onward should restore which sheet-tab was selected (if any).
Fixed: Reset-zoom button sometimes not responding in iPad OS.
Fixed?: Event log occasionally refues to scroll on iPad OS.
Fixed: Modal dialog buttons sometimes not responding in iPad OS.
Fixed: Potential load failure when loading a saved session if - I think - unit data shows up before sheet's custom child elements have been upgraded.
Fixed: Obligation bar background stripe direction now matches sheets'
Fixed: Tablets opening sheets in landscape should receive orientation warning not phone size warning.
Fixed: DFA and Charge get clusterType() should resolve as "Damage" not "Missiles". (Wasn't causing problems until Attack Panel introduced.)
Fixed: DFA and Charge clusterRoll should be an empty roll. (Wasn't causing problems until Attack Panel introduced.)
Fixed: Immobile status not always assigned on loss of fourth limb.
Fixed: Immobile status not repealed when status is due to loss of four limbs and a limb is fixed/re-attached.
Fixed: Destroyed units should not have movement options.
Fixed: Preloader animation looping.
Fixed: Cluster weapons could be flagged aimed if target is immobile; doesn't appear to have caused issues though until Attack Panel added.
Fixed: Saved sessions with units with crits on items without component IDs (typically integeral equipment) could cause an error; Doesn't seem to have affected loading...
Fixed: Units with spread inventory but ommitted equipment were not flagged as having a spread inventory and crits to items were causing inventory counts to show up incorrect, additional issues may have followed...
Fixed: On session load/restore, more robust checking for validity of saved automation options. Modal notices now appear when options have changed.

Known Issue: At some point performance in Chrome became real bad when declaring shots and updating results of declared shots. Firefox and Safari are slaying though...
Known Issue: Desktop short-cut sheet navigation: Flashes of white sometimes occur when jumping between movement, pilot and other panels...
Known issue: Arm actuator phaseDamage affecting calculation of outgoing shots on some occasions if declared after accepting incoming damage...


Fixed: If unit has non-psr inducing weapons damage and incoming physicals, the next phase button does not appear and the incoming physicals button is inactive.
Known issue: If a unit receives non-psr inducing weapons damage and incoming physicals and doesn't fire that turn, they may be prompted on two occasions to confirm that shots are complete.


Fixed: Untoggling physical attack such that no physicals are declared should untoggle physicals-declared flag, else various issues follow...
• Calculator not hidden.
• Obligation strip buttons may not be activate/deactivate properly.


Fixed issue where resizing screen could lead to hot-key sheet navigation being off.


Fixed: Changelog link.


Fixed: Secondline Clan units with a Clan name (alias) and multiple models (2,3,4...): Standard model is not listed under its Clan name. (e.g. "Incubus" )


Fixed: Selecting a hatchet attack while one or more punch attacks are selected should un-declare the punch attacks.


Added: Keyboard shortcuts.
Change: Created ••• menu; moved actions, links, and settings there.


Fixed: Scroll zooming not working in Firefox Desktop.
Fixed: Void and Null sig system data had wrong key for full name which may have caused an abbreviated version to display in some cases.


Added: Pilot names: Rename pilot by touching pilot panel header and selecting "Rename".
Names displayed on sheet,
Names used for unit tab,
Names included in target options.

Added: Session Recovery:
When refreshing page for an update, the current session is reloaded; marks are no longer discarded.
When restoring after a browser crash, the session -should- be restored.

Added (Pending FCCFM update (incoming)): Basic Flechs Chaos Campaign Force Manager integration: FCCFM can open sheets w/ pilot names and skills.
Fix: When selecting 'update', a second browser-level 'leave this page?' confirm should not be shown.
Change: "HPG Uplink" changed to "Network Play"
Change: Max force size in a link lowered from 24 to 12.


Fix: Clan LRM 10/15/20 heat incorrect !


Added: Ammo may be incremented and decremented with automations on.
Fix: May not link empty bins to weapons.
Fix: Pilot KO cancels ammo dump declarations and voluntary shutdown.
Fix: Dumping/exploded ammo counts might not display correctly initially when restoring saved files.
Fix: Changing ammo bin linking while weapon is declared should put back rounds into previous bin and pull new rounds from newly linked bin.
Change: "Link" option for ammo bins only available before firing weapons.
Change: Manual crits on explosive slots (bins/components) require confirmation when not in manual-mode.
Change: Exploded ammo displays the number of rounds that exploded instead of 0.
Change: [under the hood] Ammo handling refactored.


Fixed: Issue printing on paper sizes other than US letter (8.5 x 11).
Fixed: Issue with rectangle printing on last page of printout (should be blank).

Fixed: Status checkbox text in header prints blurry in from some browsers.
Added: "Stationary" entry in movement data (screen only) that highlights when stationary move mode is selected. Touch to select stationary movement.
Change: Touching walk/run/jump when already selected does not toggle them off, i.e. select 'stationary'.
Change: Calculator visual refinements. Removed redundant "attacker" / "target" from modifier labels.


Bug hunting.

Fixed?: Issue where saved log for saved unit might not appear on restore or interrupt loading.

Bug hunting

Revert: Units CAN jump w/ one leg. BattleMech manual contradicts itself. Submitted errata request.

Back in: incomplete-declaration attack disabling.

REVERT: Temporarily removed incomplete-declaration flag for sheet / attack disabling when attack mods are missing.
Added: Some internal errors will be noted in the event log.
Fixed?: Possible issue when auto advancing through phases when unit has buffered damage.
Fixed: Issues with specific attacks in damage buffer shouldn't effect resolution of other buffered attacks.

Fixed: For sheets with abridged inventories, damage that effects unlisted equipment may cause issues.
Fixed: Chrome's default 'add to homescreen' popup should not appear.
Fixed: Issue where tapping custom 'add to homescreen button' may do nothing.
Fixed: Sheet archive creation fails if event log can't be found (?!?)
Error logging improvements + Bug hunting.

Fixed: [networked games] Range to previous turn's target sometimes appears to be 1 though it's not set.
Fixed: Successful crit chances in locations where the last remaining slot that phase has been broken should note that there are no slots remaining that phase.


Calculator option availability affected by physical attack type.
More calculator cleanup.
Fixed: Brief alert flash in Chrome on load.
Fixed: Narc damage not 0.

Black obligation buttons (blocked by preceding obligations) no longer touchable/clickable.
Attack modifiers listed for each attack in the log
PSR mod presentation tweak;

When attacking, required values -must- be set to follow through;
Fixed bug where incoming attacks with missing details would appear in log (and details panel) with valid to-hit numbers, even though the TN should be infinity.

Bug hunting. In rare cases attack TN calculation goes bad, "?" is displayed instead of NaN.

Custom target number setting disabled for the time being.

Error handling update / Bug hunting.

Added: html roadmap.

.2, .1
Fixed: Range slider size issue.

Change: Visual pass on attack calculator.
Fixed: Text in event log should wrap if log is narrow.

Fixed: Some saved file naming conventions could prevent loading. In some regions the date format used in the file name used these conventions.


Added: Phase markers in obligation strip.

Change: Phase switching is more stringent
• 'Shots/Physicals done?' Buttons changed to 'Next Phase'
• More prompts about skipping ahead when doing various things.
• Event log more verbose with phases.

Change: 'Stand' option no longer listed in prone flag dropdown. Must use obligation strip.
Change: Alert dialog reveal animated.

Fixed: [iPadOS launched from homescreen]: Double-tapping can break tap location registration. (Was triggering window scroll).
Fixed: CPU while idle should be close to zero.
Fixed: Unit missing leg may not declare run or jump, unless prone, in which case they can run as part of an attempt to stand
Fixd: Upright units missing a leg should list jump MP as zero.
Fixed: May not make more than one attempt to stand during movement if missing leg. Attempting to stand w/ 1 leg ends movement.
Fixed: Attempt to stand while missing leg doesn't set movement mode to run.
Fixed: Attempting to roll consciousness for ejected pilot of dead unit can cause a freeze.
Fixed: Weapons-damage induced PSR button sometimes appears after MELEE button when physicals are declared.
Fixed: Setting full manual mode should remove gear icon from tab.
Fixed: Heat effects should stay red when heat set in full manual mode.

Known Issue: "Custom unit" message displayed under movement phase divider in log.


.0 Fix?: Attacks may not be declarable if pilot unconsciousness is dimissed.
.1 Fixed: Variable sized component may not be listed in inventory if it is followed by another variable sized component in the critical hit table.


Fixed: Heat effecting damage that occurs on turn with declared DFA can bork heat tracking.
Chang: DFA heat changed from "J" to 0.


Addded: "Reset zoom" button.
Fixed: Pinch-to-zoom breaks when gesture begins with a finger touching a physical attack entry.
Changed: Calculator doesn't appear on physical declaration until touch-up.

Known issues: [Mobile safari]
Pinch-to-zoom breaks when a finger enters browser navigation area.
Pinch-to-zoom breaks when a finger leaves window from the top.
Pinch-to-zoom breaks when a finger enters screen from the bottom.


Added [Android, Windows, iPadOS(13)]: Save/load sessions to/from external files.
Added: Full support for Small Cockpit: 76 more units support automations.
Added: Partial support for Clan Coolant pod: 7 more units available, 4 more support automations.
Added: Partial support for Extended Fuel Tank: 4 more units available.
Added: Damage removal and heat adjustments are noted in event log.

Fixed: PSR obligations from jumping with leg damage not appearing in obligation strip, causing unit to stay in movement phase which can cause later obligation buttons to appear disabled when they shouldn't be.
Fixed: Cluster damage on upper body (e.g. DFA) sometimes not displayed/resolved.
Fixed: When jumping with leg damage and executing a DFA, when successful, PSR obligations might not update in obligation strip.
Fixed: Deleted sheets should be removed from operation / multi-player room.
Fixed: Aimed shots should not be able to score through armor criticals.
Fixed: Incoming aimed shots should have aim details noted in log.
Fixed: Heat scale should accomodate values above 30.
Fixed: Changing heat level after heat is applied shouldn't affect displayed attack results.
Fixed: Confirming "shots done?" while immobile shouldn't promport about foroging shots.
Fixed: Coolant pod crit explodes for 10 points of damage (if sheet is not in manual mode).
Fixed: Issue parsing mtf entry for half ton clan heavy MG ammo: Koshi G and DragonFly F now available.
Fixed: Issue parsing mtf entry for Extended LRM 10: two more units available.
Fixed: Physical attack phase actions by/to unit -- e.g. kicked/missed-kick -- sholdn't affect psr obligations in heat and end phases.
Fixed: Range sometimes preset to 1 on opening calculator and targeting a remote sheet that was shot the previous turn.
Fixed(ish): Sometimes when a remote sheet controler confirms 'next turn', attack results for units that targeted that sheet should should not update.
Known issue: Sometimes when a remote sheet controler confirms 'next turn', attack results for units that targeted that sheet should should not update.

Change: If immobile, player must still note movement as stationary. (Intent here is avoid imputing that immobile units don't count for initiative.)
Change: User must clarify between "unit was shutdown" vs. "voluntary shutdown" after selecting "Shutdown".
Change: Sheets that support automations have a gear emoji instead of writing emoji.
Change: When unit is shutdown for weapons phase, attacks can not be declared.
Change: When unit is shutdown for physicals phase, physical attacks can not be declared.
Change: Initial heat level is labeled by a grey flag after heat is applied.
Change: Movement mod labels hidden when unit immobile.

Known issue (new) : DFAing with pre-existing leg damage should trigger an additional PSR roll on success.
Known issue (new) : Kick attack calculations are based on Total Warfare rules and not updated BattleMech Manual Rules.


Fixed: Printing on iOS and desktop Safari.
Added: Print button on all platforms.

Tweaked iPadOS detection


Added: Support for Ultra-Light Battlemechs (15 and 10 ton mass).
Added: Support for Enhanced LRMs.
Added: Partial support for Re-engineered Lasers.
• Ability to overcome armor-based damage reduction is not supported because units with armor-based damage reduction are manual marking only.

Added: Partial support for Extended LRMs
• Firing within minimum doesn't effect cluster results
• Sheet doesn't list charts for half-rack size
• Note: Attack calculator's range slider only goes to 25.

6 more units now available with automations
24 more units now available in full-manual mode.

Fixed: iOS 13 pointer event bandaid (from causing problems with crit actions on desktop.
Fixed: Re-engineered lasers are listed as engine slots in the critical table and not listed in the unit's inventory.
Fixed: LB 20-X AC cluster results should be condensed to locations only.
Change: Name change: Ammo (Heavy Gauss) -> Ammo (Hvy. Gauss)
Change: Removed iOS13 notice.

Addded: Print button on Android when FS installed and opened from home-screen.
Fixed: Prints from Android Chrome may have margins that are too large.
Fixed: Printing while make-sheet tab is up shouldn't include make-sheet screen in printout.

Band-aid: Partial fix for issue caused by iOS13.0/1 pointer event problems. [REMOVED]
Change: Header type tweaks.
Change: Opengraph image update.


Added: Flag on heatscale for current heat.
Change: Scrubbed trademarked terms from interface. (Old links to units that contain the term "mech" should still work.)
Change: Header stays visible when calculator is out.
Change: Masthead redesigned.
Change: Revised log button - made extremely minimal.
Change: Status flag tweaks.
Change: Pointing to revised helm-core-fragment.
Fix: Successful DFA damage to attacker should be tonnage / 5
Fix: Attack entry info not baseline-aligned to attack results and too high with respect to background.

Fixed: Issue where normal sheets flipped to manual mode retained phase which could cause issues marking damage while prone.

Added: 'Manual Marking Only' can be turned on for any specific sheet sheet from its mech-data header dropdown.

Added: Warning for iOS13 users about iOS13 bugs. :(


Added: "Print only" is now "manual marking only", e.g. new manual marking mode for formerly print-only sheets.
• No attack declaration or resolution. No attack calculator.
• Can't be targeted in network game.
• Listed automations are all off: Headers wounding, ammo explosion resolution, crit chances, conscious checks
• No automated damage transfer from armor to internal or from one section inwards.
• No obligation strip/buttons.
• Head destruction will not flag unit as destroyed or pilot as dead.
• Directly mark armor, internal, crits, ammo, heat, and wounds.
• Mark/Unmark Shutdown from the heatsink panel header dropdown.
• Mark/Unmark Unconscious from pilot panel header dropdown.
• Mark/Unmark Prone from the mech-data panel header dropdown.
• Ammo can be decremented, incremented, and emptied.
• Ammo depletion will (usually) mark corresponding weapons as depleted. But if there are more weapons than rounds, none are marked depleted.
• Inventory and movement points will (usually) update to reflect damage.
• Movement points will (usually) update to reflect heat-induced MP loss.
• MP will update to reflect damage and heat


Added: 'Resolve all' option for heat dropdown if ammo explosion or shutdown rolls are required.
Added: When attempting to regain consciousness, if FS is not sure that the unit is in the end phase, an alert appears about making sure to wait until the end of the turn.
Added: If unit is immobile, attempting to 'resolve all' heat effects shows a warning about needing to wait until heat phase.
Added: Next turn animation in obligation strip.
Fixed: Movement dice should be yellow when not set for physical attack against generic target.
Change: Can't declare ammo dump or change ammo-linking while unconscious. Can technically wake up and declare a dump on the same round however.
Change: Heat obligation buttons and the wake-up button are right aligned until Flechs is certain the unit is in the Heat/End phase.
Change: If unit is immobile, going to next turn automatically marks it stationary.
Change: Attack calculator visual tweaks.
Change: Generic target names changed to 'Alpha [Paper]' etc.

Known Issue: In network game, sheets not removed from game on deletion. [FIXED in 3.7]


.15 Added: Warning for iOS13 users about UI bug.
.14 Fixed?: In some unknown situations a sheet may not display initial log messages regarding equipment limitations and initiative.
.13 Fixed: Pop-up blocking issue in Chrome on desktop.

.12 Fixed: Firing on a sheet that was removed between attack declaration and resolution results in bad attack outcome and a silent error.
Change: The user is prompted if an attack is missing a target when fired.

.11 Silent error when revealing a sheet that has shot at another sheet that was removed.
.10 (Bug hunting)
.9 Fixed: Declaring shots against a generic target in a networked can cause a silent error on other devices.
.8 Change: Limited linking to no more than 24 units.
.7 Fixed: Note about custom units not being checked against construction rules not displayed.
.6 Error logging change.
.5 Fixed: Stray comma in url can result in never-loading sheet.
.4 Fixed: Firefox: Obligation strip height collapsing.
.3 Fixed: Typo: Angle ECM -> Angel ECM
.2 Fixed: Issue where the destruction of a location fails to update equipment and overall status if the damage was manually applied to the internal location.
.1 Fixed: Pointers sometimes not registering on mech-menu option's bold text.
.0 Fixed?: Potential issue with ublock origin preventing service worker registration.


Change: Sheet Log:
• Stays closed unless opened.
• More detailed logging.
• Overall type size increased.

Change: Missile hits results text tweak.
Change: If a prone unit's movement mode is set and it stays on the ground, and then an attempt to stand is successfully made, the unit will not count as prone for weapons or physicals (assuming they're underway).
Change: If target controller force dismisses prone the change WILL be accounted for in attacks declared at or from the unit in the current phase. [After consideration, pretty sure dismiss prone either means 'I rolled to stand up' or 'I should not have been prone in the first place' which means it should not count for subsequent phase or current phase attacks.]
Fixed: Wakeup button should be blocked when heat-phase obligations are still outstanding.

Fixed: In some situations when a cluster group hits partial cover, subsequent damage groups from the same weapon aren't applied.
Fixed: When declaring physical attack after ranged attacks, pointer-up can trigger calculator close.
Fixed: When revealing a sheet that shot at another sheet that itself has since moved on to the next turn, the revealed sheet's attack results update to misses. Mostly a cosmetic issue, but Streaks that previously fired will un-fire.
Fixed: Can't close log on print-only sheets.
Fixed: Can't pan and zoom print only sheets.
Fixed: Avoid Ammo Explosion button reappears if pilot knocked unconscious during heat phase (usually from shutting down, falling, and taking a wound).
Fixed: Obligation panel movement mode options can become cropped if there are many future obligations.



Fixed: Print layout issue on Chrome.


Fixed: Can't activate crit-table pop-up options via touch on Android.


Added: "Zoom" recordsheet:
• Pinch to zoom.
• Pan with one finger (or cursor) when not touching interface element.
• Pan with two fingers anywhere.
• Double tap to zoom in/out.
• (Desktop) Mousewheel zoom in / out.
If zoom is misbehaves, leave sheet tab then return.

Change: Ammo Bins: UI term "Use" is now "Link".

Fixed: Can't manually crit ammo bins that are dumping or empty; Can't fix exploded ammo bin.
Fixed: iOS Safari: When running in browser, pop-overs may be placed too far above touch point.
Fixed: Explosion flag can't be manually hidden because touching 'Hide' requires moving over crit slots.
Fixed: At some screen sizes attack-result text "## Missiles" renders wider than available space.
Fixed: misc. layout issues on make-sheet tab.

Clean up roadmap / migrating to markdown.


Added / Change: Crit handling and ammo actions can be done directly in the critical hit table.
Change: Tool-tips are hidden if using mouse or stylus.
Change: 'Ultra AC...' ammo description shortened to 'U-AC...'
Fixed: Various issues caused by multi-touch gestures. (Multi-touch gestures are not supported.)


Fixed: When adjusting modifiers for an attack on sheet (B) that has fired at the attacking sheet (A), details on (B) may not display when the sheet is made visible.
Fixed: When adjusting modifiers for an attack on sheet (B) that has declared shots at the attacking sheet (A), details on (B)'s calculator may not be updated if the calculator is hidden.


Fix: Error logging failed mtf parsing / loading.


Change: Inventory entry styles for attacks that are destroyed and declared/resolved.


Fixed: Ammo-using weapons should be able to use ammo in a location that was destroyed that phase.
Fixed: Ammo-using weapons should be able to use ammo in a bin that was critted that phase.
Fixed: Ammo explosion damage should not include rounds fired that phase.
Fixed: In some situations, when the last bin of an ammo type begins dumping, corresponding weapons may not be flagged depleted.
Fixed: In the case of a multi-crit chance, an ammo crit can reduce critable slots to 0 before last crit is applied, causing a silent error.
Fixed: Loss of last ammo from location loss not resulting in dependent weapons being marked depleted.
Fixed: Redundant error logs being sent.


Change: Manual Crit marking: Touch the crit and select Crit/Fix on the menu.
Change: Ammo Dump: Touch the bin and select 'Dump'.
Change: Ammo Feeding: Touch the bin and select...
'use' to select the bin if there is only one weapon that can use this type of ammo
'feed' if there are multiple weapons that this bin could feed.

Fixed: Firefox: When targeting a sheet that has resolved its shots, and those shots are at the attacking sheet, changes to some items cause an error and can make the calculator unresponsive.
Known Issue: When targeting a sheet that's resolved its shots at the currently attacking sheet, details on the former sheets may become partially hidden. [FIXED]


Fixed: Silent errors from mech-menu on some inputs when there is no valid designation suggestion.


Fixed: Printing: Top margin on each sheet too large.


Fixed?: 'restart + update' choice may do nothing if FS was launched for the first time or in a private window.


Fixed: Obligation strip layout bug in Safari at some landscape(?) sizes.


Fixed: avoid-ammo-explosion obligation not removed when heat induced explosion knocks out pilot.
Change: Visual tweak for text color of attacks that missed and were destroyed.


Fixed: Heat induced ammo explosion can happen in bins that have already exploded.


Added: Full Streak S/LRM Support: Streaks that fail to-hit roll don't use ammo or generate heat and are colored gray (instead of missed-red/pink). Post attack changes to target number that effect attack success also effect ammo used and heat generated.
Change: Details screens for 'incoming damage' and 'PSR' obligation now include a 'resolve' option.
Fixed: 'Accept Damage' obligation button shouldn't appear if prone.
Fixed: Changing range in calculator after attacking should update target numbers for resolved attacks.


Fixed: Long obligation list breaks layout.
Fixed: Going unconscious after a failed stand attempt removes stand-up option.
Added: In cases where less than 20 points of weapons damage has been applied, a special 'Shots Complete' button appears that can be used to end the phase. [Would've used "End Phase" but it's both a verb and a relevant noun.]
Change: Declaring ammo dump inserts dump item in obligation strip instead of presenting console message.
Change: Modal alert visual tweaks.


Fixed: Buffered physical damage resolution is spaced out like weapons damage.
Change: When accepting weapons physical damage, log doesn't appear until after all damage is applied.
Change: Declaring DFA or Charge hides incompatible move modes in obligation strip.
Change: Swap in ask modal for skip-weapons warning.
Change: Messages for physicaling w/out shots more specific for charge and DFA.
Change: Under-the-hood: Service worker resources brought in-house.
Change: Under-the-hood: Error logging tweaks.


Change: Swap out custom confirm modal for default where able.
Change: Tweak custom modal styling for two buttons.


Fixed: Strikes on arms from the rear that cause punch-affecting damage are not fully resolved - overflow damage may not be applied to rear torso.
Fixed / Added: No way to know if manually applied limb damage overflow should transfer to the front or back. Added conformation modal requesting clarification.


Added: Set ammo bin for weapon by touching ammo bin and dragging to the weapon in the inventory.

Added: A few additions to the written instructions.
Change: Footprint reduced by ~ 15%.
Fixed: Forcing prone should result in unit being flagged grounded if that unit is not allowed to stand.


Fixed: Attempting to stand when missing two arms and a leg throws an error, but should not be allowed in the first place.
Added: Prone units with damage preventing them from making stand attempts are flagged 'Grounded' instead of just 'Prone'. Grounded units may only declare 'Stationary' as a move mode. Prone may not be dismissed if the unit is grounded - the unit is no longer allowed to be upright.

Fixed: "AUO FALL EMINENT" should not be displayed after losing a leg if already prone.


Fixed: Ammo availability not updating immediately on weapon toggle - In cases where a declaration removes the last round, any other weapons using that ammo type should be immediately marked depleted.


Various combinations of declaring ranged weapons -after- declaring physicals will lead to bad state and possible freezes.
Change: (related)
• Tapping ranged/physical while the other kind is declared will toggle off all attacks of the previous kind.
• Attempting to resolve physicals without resolving any weapons triggers a 'skip weapons?' confirmation modal.
• If physicals are resolved, undeclared ranged attacks are rendered with light gray stripes.

Change: Missed attack background color now light red/pink/salmon.


Fixed: Browsers without native Pointer Event support: Stylus down not registering on input fields and links.


Fixed: Adding damage directly to internal-locations doesn't force a PSR obligation update.
Fixed: Error stemming from incomplete removal of stylus dot bubbling functionality for internal locations — this feature was removed in 3.03.0a for the time being (see note).

Fixed: iOS 11,12: In some cases Apple Pencil on mech-menu can cause (invisible) stack overflow.
Fixed: iOS 11,12: Can't focus mech-menu with Apple pencil.

Fixed: Build information displaying when url contains unit hash.


Added: Limited off line support.
Once updated to v3.05, you can launch from home-screen or access https://sheets.flechs.net site while off line. The unit catalog will be unavailable though and units will need to be imported from mtfs. Any sheets that are open when going off line (or losing internet connection) will stay usable while they are open. Device-to-device attack resolution will be unavailable when off line.

Added: Attack calculator can be toggled while declaring attacks and after attacks are resolved. Hide it by clicking outside of the calculator. Reveal it by tapping on declared attacks.
(re)Added: Attacks against generic targets can be modified after resolution (without modifying rolls) by opening the calculator and modifying the items. NOTE: You can also modify attacks against other local/remote sheets but this has no effect on their damage or their incoming damage buffer.
Added / Change: Movement mode, travel distance, and stand-up resolution can now be handled via the obligation strip.
• Movement phase PSR handling is smarter at more edge cases. These situations should also be more clear UI-wise.
• Known issue: Distance brackets based on original MP, not heat/damage effected MP.
Added: When accepting incoming weapons damage, each strike is staggered over time.
Added: Force a fall by touching the mech name and selecting "Fall"
Added / Change: Direction of attack listed after target name when weapons are resolved.
Added: 'Attack' button at bottom of calculator [if the attack has not been resolved].

Fixed: Declaring attacks: Touch and drag over weapons to declare not working on some Chrome/Android tablets.
Fixed: Attacking: Permissions on secondary targets: Primary must be FORWARD (not rear) if there's a forward target; can't primary rear guns and secondary forward torso weapons.
• Known issue: Secondary modifier for rear attack when firing forward torso guns is +1 but should always be +2, because primary is guaranteed to be in the forward arc.
• Known issue: Can secondary at same unit w/ rear and arm weapons.
• Known issue: Can only primary rear-leg and arm weapons at same target if rear leg weapons are declared first.
Fixed: Recordsheet event log 'ok' button doesn't work when tapped with stylus.
Fixed: More mech menu bugs that don't cause issues but are clogging up my logs.
Fixed / Change: Attacking: [Weird and important] If multiple units declare at the 'same' generic target (e.g. 'ranged target 1'), each attacker's 'target 1' is a treated as a distinct unit; status information about each attacker's 'target 1' is not shared between attackers. Previously, each generic target was treated as the same target, so if one attacker set status flags on the generic, it could affect another unit's declared shots.
Fixed / Change: Calculator: If you set a modifier (e.g. partial cover) then change the target, any set modifiers apply to the new target.
Fixed / Change: Can no longer declare physical attacks while declared weapons are unresolved.
Fixed?: Weapon's primary/secondary/tertiary flags sometimes not cleared after next-turn, probably only in Safari...
Fixed: Mech menu options should hover on pointer over even when main button pressed.
Fixed: Issue: Mech menu list option should hover on input-down and select on input-up.
Fixed: Stylus input not working on mech menu option.
Fixed: Typo: "Disacard marked damage?"
Fixed: Failed ammo explosion roll when only gauss ammo is on board does not result in 'explosion avoided...' message.
Fixed: Ammo explosion roll equal to target number counted as failure. Ope!
Fixed: Declaring another weapon after changing target should not revert calculator to original target.
Fixed: Dumping last rounds of ammo type should make dependent weapons non-declarable.
Fixed: No running or jumping when the ammo be dumping.
Fixed: Redirect all test urls at http://flechs.. . to httpS://flechs...
Fixed: Movement induced PSR preview in meta-data not updating on pilot skill change.

Change: Attacker movement, target movement dice (for analog targets), range, and attack direction no longer have default values: they must be set. These items are also highlighted if not set. )Default values lead users to forget to set certain things.)
Change: Attack calculations on local/remote sheets are now modified by the target's status from the start of that attack phase (weapons/physicals). Known issue: If target controller force dismisses prone, unconscious, or shutdown the change won't be accounted for in any attacker's attacks declared in the current phase. This may not be addressed soon because the meaning of the forced dismissal is inherently ambiguous.
Change: Physical attacks can no longer be declared against the same generic target that you shot at. This may cause some repeated input if literally physicaling the same target you shot at. This may never change. Sorry!
Change: Made default heat effect text color darker.
Change: Tutorial videos are now hosted on Youtube.
Change: .ts source for source maps included so live versions play well with debuggers.
Change: Update tentative todo-list in changelog.

Known issue: Apple pencil input not working on textfield of mech-menu in iOS.
Known issue: Touch and drag over weapons to declare is broken in iOS13 beta. [Bug reported.][Works in ios13.2+]
Known issue: ? Ammo dump left one round or continued to display one round. [Can't reproduce.]


Fixed: Pilot skills not displayed on import.
Fixed: Mech menu bugs that don't cause issues but are clogging up my logs.
Fixed: manifest.json version incorrect.
Change: Unit catalog removed from project. Now using a separated hosted instance of Helm-Core-Fragment: https://github.com/IanBellomy/helm-core-fragment


Fixed: Calculator: Modifier items incorrect when analog target selected.
Change: Calculator: always defaults to generic target.
Change: Calculator: Removed 'Base to hit' entry.
Change: Calculator: Removed 'Terrain' label.


Changed: URL now https://sheets.flechs.net


Added: Import MTF files -- equipment limitations permitting. NOTE: FS does not validate MTF files against construction rules.
Fixed: RecordSheet size snapping glitch on load.
Change: Under-the-hood refactoring.


Fixed: Some units with split equipment improperly flagged print-only.


Added: Seed the RNG: flechs.net/content/sheets3/?seed=SEED
Fixed: Charge shouldn't show as disabled when printing an unmarked sheet.
Changed: Heatscale cool-down color.


Fixed: Target numbers borked on iOS 11.
Fixed: Target button in attack calculator sometimes not un-highlighting after changing targets.


Fixed: Issue with attack declarations after server inactivity event triggered when not signed into a room.


Fixed?: Temporary patch to address issue with target numbers that occurs after server inactivity triggered when not signed into a room.


Added: Attack calculator.
• Declare secondary targets
• To-hit modifiers for attacker and target auto included/calculated where possible.
• Auto calculate range modifiers based on hex-range input
• Input 'map' data (range and elevation difference) once and share across network.
• Set aim, partial cover, unit stance, elevation difference before attacking.
• Target generic units (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie) and set corresponding modifiers.

Added: Set hexes moved when walking and running.
Added: Charge attack declaration and resolution! (Sans displacement effects)
Added: Charge damage in inventory updates based on hexes moved.
Added: 'Details' option for piloting check obligations.
Added: Support for ranged-based damage (Heavy Gauss Rifle and Snub Nosed PPC)
Added: UI performance optimizations for attack declaration, especially in Chrome. (Sorry Safari.)
Added: Under the hood: Improved error logging.

Removed: Declare damage at target by touching attack damage results.
Removed: Change attack target number after resolving attack.
Removed: Change attack details (aim,partial cover, etc.) after attack is resolved
Removed: Stylus support for bubbling individual dots—it was experimental to start with and had lots of issues.

Changed: Disconnect from server on inactivity timeout was 10 min, now 30 min.

Fixed: Leg loss should result in walk/run listed as 1/1
Fixed: Jump Jet loss from location destruction should turn jump MP red.
Fixed: Crits to leg actuators trigger piloting checks even if there's a hip hit, even though their penalty is negated.
Fixed: Cluster group text for groups striking hill when firing into partial cover are not dimmed.
Fixed: Dismissing shutdown should remove freshShutdown [[changed to phase-shutdown]] flag (and next turn's restart reactor button)
Fixed: Links to website broken when running from home-screen.
Fixed: Two PSR check buttons show in event of weapons induced PSR during DFA/Charge
Fixed: Mobile Safari, orientation change from landscape to portrait: incorrect hight reported, resize broken.
Fixed: Toggling a physical attack to 'declared' should reveal the TNs for all other physical attacks.
Fixed: Issue where attacker status updates could affect declared buffered attacks on local sheets.

Known issue: Mobile Safari 12: range-slider misbehaves when user drag-moves outside slider area.
Known issue: Adjusting heat in the middle of ranged attack declaration is real broken.


Fixed: Range incorrect for clan small heavy laser.


Fixed: Inner Sphere SRM 4 heat listed as 4, should be 3.


Fixed: In FireFox, setting aim location sometimes fails.


Change: Message "Print Only" changed to "Sheet is print only".
Fixed: Some of the occasional repeated 'print only' render messages.
Fixed: Analytics bug.
Fixed: Typo in VSP Lasers' full names.


Fixed: Sheets fail to render if uBlock Origin is running.
Fixed: CASE not venting ammo explosion in destroyed location.


'Erasing' damage (armor, internal, and crits) significantly improved. Erasing damage properly updates the rest of the sheet e.g. inventory, integral equipment damage tracker, heat, piloting skill roll obligations, arm loss, available ammo, unit status, etc.

Some limitations:
• Ammo/component explosion induced damage (internal, crits, ejection, wounds) is not undone by undoing the crit on the explosive slot.
• To repair armor on a location that was destroyed in a previous phase, the internal must be repaired first.

Added: Marking support for split equipment. (~15 additional units markable).
Added: Can reattach limbs blown off through 'blown off limb' crit result.
Added: Can fix dots in a destroyed location (though internal must be fixed first).
Added: For punches and pushes, actuator crits highlight entry's damage, modifer or both depending on specific effects.
Added: Can hide ammo/component explosion notification.
Change: If damage takes a weapon modifier from negative to 0 (e.g. pulses), the modifier is displayed as 0 and red-ed as phase damage for that phase.
Change: Ammo-explosions don't produce fire emojis in critical hit table.
Change: Ammo-explosion indicator text changed to "EXPLOSION".
Change: Impossible piloting checks listed as 'AUTO FALL'.
Change: Inventory ordering -> Largest damage groups to smallest damage groups -> crits -> long range -> short range.
Fixed: Incapacitated/forbidden line pattern sometimes not showing up when incapacitated, forbidden, depleted.
Fixed: Auto-eject should not be triggerable if head or cockpit is destroyed before the triggering event.
Fixed: Strikes from rear against limbs that destroy the limb can result in failure to flag limbs as destroyed.
Fixed: Ammo in destroyed locations should not be usable.
Fixed: IS CASE in torso not venting explosion overflow that begain in adjacent arm.
Fixed: Exploded ammo should not be dumpable.
Fixed: Crits on non-explosive ammo bin doesn't reduce bin's available rounds to 0.
Fixed: Can't manually crit an empty ammo bin.
Fixed: Crits should not be rolled for destroyed locations with no ammo.
Fixed: Multiple crits on an explosive component should not trigger multiple explosions.
Fixed: Performance issue caused by preloader animation never being removed.

Fixed: "Critical" typo.


Added: 60+ additional units (with large inventory) now markable.
Added: Charge listed in physical attacks but not available for attack resolution yet.
Fixed?: Cockpit crit post ejection kills pilot. [According to TacOps, ejection happens at the end of the phase, so technically a cockpit crit in the same phase as an auto-eject should kill the pilot BUT an official forum answer states 'The pilot ejects before damage to the mech is resolved.' So there's that.]
Fixed: Ammo explosion flag alignment.
Fixed: Modal dialog included in printout.
Fixed: Units with M-Pods not rendering.
Change: Revision to record sheet design / expanded inventory space and support for units with more than 10 weapons.
Change: Removed fall damage and fall direction notes from log.

3.1.03a (2019.3.25)

Added: Charts: hit location and cluster (as needed). (In place of mech image.)
Change: Inventory weapon sorting: Crits -> Damage -> Long Range -> Short Range
Change: Cluster weapon damage listed by missile / pellet damage instead of max possible damage.
Change: DFA modifier listed as 'vs.'
Change: Jump mod dimmed if no initial jump MP.

3.1.02a (2019.3.24)

Added: Charts for critical hits (in place of damage transfer diagram.)
Added: Movement and range mods.
Change: Pilot stats print blank w/ grey lines.
Change: Tweaks to MML LRM/SRM ammo typography and preloader.

3.1.1a (2019.3.21)

Added: Armor / Internal types displayed above corresponding diagrams.
Added: Print support for additional advanced and experimental armors and internal structures and Large XXL engines; Additional units available.
Change: Moved Banners for Destroyed, Immobile, Abandoned up so critical hit table header can still be accessed.
Change: Removed bracketing on ammo rounds.
Change: C3 uses superscript 3.
Change: Unit destruction no longer causes all sheet text to turn red.
Change: Text for critical hit location changes to "BLOWN OFF" when limb is severed or (lost due to torso destruction).
Fixed: Units with Heavy Gyro have incorrect number of gyro dots.
Fixed: Head Blown off doesn't result in unit marked destroyed.
Fixed: Two crits does not destroy non heavy-duty gyro.
Fixed: Some items listed twice in equipment support page.

3.1a (2019.3.20)

Rewrote MTF Parser! Switched to new unit catalog! Added preliminary support for lots of equipment!

1500+ additional sheets printable!
1000+ additional sheets markable! (w/ equipment specific limitations)

Added Equipment: Just go see equipment list.

Added: Clan unit URLS can be by Clan name or Inner Sphere name.
Fixed: Hatchet / Sword treated as ranged weapons: Can only perform at same time as other weapons attacks; Can't set target elevation or stance; Can 'aim' and set target 'partial cover'.
Fixed: Arm crits don't affect displayed physical attack weapon modifiers.
Fixed: Prime variants of omnis listed out of order.
Fixed: Ammo depletion sometimes does not cause corresponding weapons to be marked depleted.
Fixed: Split components not always labeled with '(Split)'.
Fixed: Heat Data Heat Effects gray when printed.
Fixed: Range-based damage value text doesn't fit in column.
Fixed: Minimum browser type/version requirement notice not displaying when it should.
Change: Mech menu input field state is restored when leaving and returning to 'make sheet' tab.
Change: Attack Resolution: All range-based-damage weapons damage values are fixed at medium range damage value.
Change: Physical Weapons grouped with physical attacks in inventory.
Change: Inventory sorting: Equip; Weapons by Damage -> Long Range -> Short Range
Change: Engine, Gyro, Cockpit crit text matches component type, e.g. XL Engine, Small Cockpit.
Change: Unit list searchable by both Clan and IS names when applicable; name on sheet/tab corresponds to lookup name.
Change: Unit sorting: chassis -> weight -> era -> model
Change: Some unit designations are deprecated; when linking to old designations, the URL will be updated to new designation
Change: Preloader tweaks.
Known Issue (new): If fire -after- physical, can't set partial/aim; can set elevation difference and stance...
Firing after physicals is against the rules, but supported here in the event players make a procedural mistake.
Known Issue (new): Mixed tech chassis sometimes breaks layout.
Known Issue (new): Long Unit names sometimes break layout.[Fixed with new header]
Known Issue (new): Physical weapons don't always display TSM bonus.
Known Issue (new): Heavy Duty Gyro: Missing additional circle.
Known Issue (new): Issue activating crit-table header with finger on some devices.
Known Issue (new): HAG missile hits say 'missiles' instead of 'pellets'.


1000+ additional sheets are markable! (w/ weapon-specific limitations)

Added: Double heat sink support!

Change: On declaration of ammo using weapon show remaining shots instead of '#-1'.
Change: AMS is 'firable' for heat and ammo tracking, but has no effect on incoming missiles.
Fixed: Cockpit crit incurs six wounds instead of outright death — makes event log confusing.
Fixed: Put Highlander 733p back on the unit list.


Fixed: Markabiity check was not running when rendering print-only sheets.


150+ additional sheets are markable! (w/ weapon-specific limitations)

Change: Determine sheet markability based on equipment, not year (but with equipment specific limitations).
Added: CASE functionality.
Added: Attack resolution for LBX Cluster and rack sizes 30 and 40 (MRM and Rockets).
Added: Gauss Rifle and Gauss Ammo crit handling.
Added: MASC crit effect.
Added: Streak all-hit behavior. (Always rolls 11 on missile hits.)
Added: Weapon specific limitation notifications (and page)

Change: Confirmation on sheet-close is only required if damage has been marked.
Change: IS Narc inventory name changed to "Narc Missile Beacon".
Change: LB-X's marked as -1 mod and c1 damage, as-if always cluster.
Change: Improved Narc damage listed as 6, as-if using explosive pods.

Fixed: Machine Gun ammo not tracked.

Known Issue (new): Dumping inner sphere AMS ammo doesn't results in AMS marked depleted.
Known Issue (new): No way to mark use of extra Ultra rounds on in person rapid fire.


Change: Sheets 2 redirects to Sheets 3
Fixed: Tab layout breaks when no sheets and no server connection.
Fixed regression: PSR Obligations showing up again on print-only sheets.
Known Issue (new): Hatchets are labeled as weapons instead of physicals. [FIXED]


Added: Close sheet functionality. (Sheets3 now has feature parity with Sheets2!)
Added: Warning about being optimized for tablets and high resolution screens.
Fixed: Mech-menu doesn't receive focus when 'make sheet' tab is shown.


Fixed: Movement modes clickable on print only sheets.
Fixed: Print styles not hiding PSR movement obligations and apply-damage-from-direction buttons.

Known issue (new): Green ' + ' icon is displayed when dragging an image anywhere in the window BUT the mech image.


Fixed: Videos play in Safari again!


Fixed: Next Turn button not highlighting in all the cases it should.
Known issue (new): Failing to re-start reactor triggers a piloting check obligation.[FIXED]
Known issue (new): Printing is crunked on mobile devices. :( [FIXED]
Known issue (new): Safari can't access .mp4 (instructional videos) through service worker [FIXED]


Fixed: Missing favicon
Fixed: Analytics bug
Added: Opengraph metadata and image
Added: Redirect from sheets.flechs.net
Known issue (new): Can't print from fullscreen on mobile devices. [FIXED]


Added: 'Add to home screen' and fullscreen launching now available in Chrome / Android!
Relatedly, Sheets 3 is now served via HTTPS!

Change: Tweaked styles for contact and how-to pages.

Fixed: Record sheet sizing issue on Chrome and Firefox.
Fixed: --vh size variable needs updated on window resize.
Fixed: ios pwa changelog, contact, how-to links opening in pwa instead of in safari

Known issue: iOS pwa doesn't save state when leaving (this is just iOS behavior and has been a "known" issue for a while but I was hoping Apple would take care of this so I don't have to do it myself. That is not likely so I'm listing this as a problem.)
Known issue (new): Browser support warning not displayed in Edge on some systems.
Known issue (new): Next Turn button not highlighting in all the cases it should. [FIXED]


Added: Link for supporting the project.


Added: Fall direction now displayed below prone flag.
Added: Markable units have pencil icon in the mech menu.
Changed: Removed quads from unit list. (They are not supported.)
Known issues (new): After mech shuts because of heat, the next-turn button turns yellow. [FIXED]


Fixed: Rear/Front attack direction doesn't affect rear/front of aimed torso shot.


Fixed: Print styles not hiding PSR movement obligations and apply-damage-from-direction buttons. [FIXED]


Fixed: Broken Sheets 2 functionality: URL to specific record sheet. [URL now reflects all open sheets]


Changed: Weapons and movement can not be declared after applying heat (and before next turn confirmed).
Changed: 'Next turn' button highlights after heat has been applied.

Known issue (new): Movement modes clickable on print only sheets. [FIXED]


Added: Update notice.

Changed: Tweaked dot damage styles.

Fixed: Headers for Mech Data, Warrior Data, Heat Data, Armor, and Internal have no visual state for when pressed.
Fixed: On torso destruction, rear armor visually dissapears.
Fixed: View height incorrect on mobile
Fixed: iOS zooms to input fields.
Fixed: Safari contact name suggestions appear when entering name.
Fixed: Jump induced PSR listed even when jump MP is zero.
Fixed: Chart-based assignment buttons broken (and don't work without two touch points).
Fixed: Dragging over weapons while setting target number toggles those weapons.
Fixed: Mech image not faded/disabled when physical attack resolved.
Fixed: Crit on gyro not updating presented movement induced PSR targets.
Fixed: Target elevation difference not resetting between rounds.
Fixed: Target prone not resetting between rounds.
Fixed: Aim location not resetting between rounds.
Fixed: DFA attack locations not rolled against upper body.
Fixed: Hip hits not affecting MP.
Fixed: TAC not noted in log when resolving falling damage.
Fixed: Weapons and Physical damage inflicted via Flechs will not stack for 20+ damage piloting check. (If damage is applied manually between accepting weapons and physical damage (and before resolving physical attacks), there is no way for the system to know if the manual damage occured in the weapons phase or the physical phase.)

Known issues (new): Attacks can be declared after applying heat (resulting in an ambiguous situation). [CHANGED]
Known issues (new): Toggle jump movement: MP resets to original, ignoring damage. [Can't reproduce...]
Known issues (new): Chrome: Jump MP entry for units without Jump MP looks bad--like a heavily compressed image.
Known issues (new): Physical attack: Can set impossible combinations of target elevation and stance: causes error.


Added: Network capabilities: Declare damage for sheets open on other devices!
Added: Basic automation settings!
Added: Movement induced piloting check requirements are listed next to movement options.
Added: Piloting check obligations induced for running w/ hip etc.
Added: Through-armor crit (TAC) chance noted in log.
Added: Heat scale flag for Triple Strength Myomer. (Printed sheets)
Added: Tutorial page with links to videos.

Changed: Weapons toggleable + fireable even if broken in same phase
Changed: TSM in crit table now 'Triple Strength Myomer'.
Changed: Custom mech images size to fill the mech-image box.
Changed: Removed 'restart reactor option' from shutdown flag menu.

Fixed: 'Set image' input for mech image does nothing.
Fixed: Clan Ultra AC/2 Ammo mislabled as Ultra AC/5 ammo.
Fixed: MASC not reflected in MP stats.
Fixed: Second crit on a multi slot item will affect a second item in the inventory if there is a second item of the same kind in the same location. e.g. Ostroc-3C.
Fixed: Target number flags for all attacks don't appear once an attack is declared.
Fixed: Dice images in log sometimes don't display.
Fixed: Some browsers automatically display a tool tip with the svg's title.
Fixed: Module load failures (from Firewalls) result in blank screen w/ no notificiation.

Known issues (new): Saggitaire SGT-8R inventory too long: parse error: modifiers not shown [FIXED]
Known issues (new): Ejected pilot takes wounds on head hit during later fall and in subsequent phases. [Should distinguish between 'ejecting' and 'ejected'] [FIXED]
Known issues (new): Declaring a physical attack while there is an outstanding PSR treats the damage as physical-phase damage, presenting the PSR obligation after the Melee button. It should be theoretically possible to order this correctly if the damage was applied by resolveBufferedWeaponsDamage()
Known issues (new): Cockpit crit logging order is weird / bad /confusing. [FIXED]
Known issues (new): Changing the target number of a kick or DFA so that it changes its success does not affect whether or not a PSR is required.
Known issues (new): Dimissing Shutdown flag does not remove 'Restart Reactor' note from obligation panel in next-turn area.

Known issues (new): Broken Sheets 2 functionality: URL to specific record sheet. [FIXED]
Known issues (new): Hip hits not affecting MP [FIXED]
Known issues (new): Remote Weapons and Physical damage stacking for 20+ damage PSR [FIXED-ish]
Known issues (new): TAC not noted in falling damage [FIXED]
Known issues (new): Aim and Partial cover menus can be pulled up for physical attacks — though they do nothing. [FIXED]


Fixed: Printing fails in Safari: Produces blank page.


Added: Declare damage at/for another unit in clipboard by touching damage and selecting unit.
Added: Note target partial cover by touching selected direction button and selecting cover.
Added: Note called shot by touching selected direction button and selecting location.
Added: Can dimiss ejected status by touching 'EJECTED' and and selecting 'Dismiss'.
Added: Markable sheets can have their image set.

Changed: Obligation bar buttons that have no options (e.g. next turn) now require confirmation.
Changed: Visual updates: preloader, obligation strip, damaged location, stripped location, critical hits,...
Changed: Print-only units' inventories do not spread items into individual entries.


Shutdown caused PSR check button is disabled.
Dimissing 'avoid ammo explosion' obligation resolved against roll of 13 instead of actually dimissing.
Passing PSR doesn't clear armor-damage flag.

Missing dropdown for wake-up button.
Next-turn attempt wake button has wrong target number.
Same-turn conscious check has no target number.
'Attempt wake' button is yellow when heat needs applied
'Attempt wake' button missing in current turn.
Removing all wounds doesn't clear unconsciousness.
Receiving a wound on a round after being knocked out prevents making a wake attempt.
Conscious checks auto-attempted when wounded but already unconscious.
Applying heat while unconscious from last turn will auto roll conscious check.
Wounds don't hover on touchstart, only on move.
Wake-up buttons displayed when pilot is dead
Can't manually remove wounds when pilot is dead.
Avoid shutdown rolls may still be made even if the pilot is unconscious.
No pilot damage from heat when life support is destroyed.
Adding wounds after removing them doesn't cause conscious checks.

Crit roll of 12 in torso location, log says "2 crits".
Fall consequences logged in weird order.
Crit on empty ammo bin displays ammo explosion flag.
Physical attack location roll of 2 causes possible critical.
During fall, phase damage cleared before calculating target number for pilot safety check.
Obligation buttons partially covered by rotated svg when prone.
Stripped head armor visual incorrect.
Removing damage does not affect 20+ damage induced piloting check.
Pattern for stripped locations sometimes not showing--This may be a webkit bug :( -- [Changed styling]

Attacking / inventory:
Ammo depletion bugs...
Weapons in blown-off location not always removed from inventory.
Setting target number for forward facing weapons includes rear weapons and vice versa even though it's impossible for them to have the same target and thus zero gaurantee. that they have the same TN...

Mech image presents sideways when using portrait from iOS.
Options pop-over us under log and tool tip goes off the left side of the screen.
Units built without lower arm / hand actuators caused parsing error.
iOS Keyboard not hiding on mech selection.
iOS Over-scroll removed.

Known issues (new):

Attacks / Inventory:
! Declaring target for forward attack(s) includes rear facing weapons and vice versa.
Aimed shots issues:
! Rear/Front attack direction doesn't affect rear/front of aimed torso shot.[FIXED]
Can aim at legs when target is in partial cover.
Aimed shots don't discount partial cover modifier. (under the hood)
Inventory update for damaged weapons that are split across sections doesn't work.
Can declare physical damage against DFAing unit (should provide note that this is against the rules?)
Target Numbers for undeclared weapons not hiding/revealing as expected. [FIXED]

! Pilot safety when falling in phase with destroyed gyro should be +6 not +Infinity
(Generally speaking pilot safety is not gauranteed to be the same as the phase's PSR TN and should be split out)
Shutdown and PSRs show up after ejecting.

! Heat above 30 leads to presentation problems...
Heat obligations/effects might not be in proper order. (Currently in most potentially destructive order.)
Adding damage after heat was applied can lead to two psr buttons appearing.

If mech suffers a 20+ point ammo explosion due to heat then fails a shutdown roll, they have 1 immediate PSR at +3 and another, afterwards, for dammage that auto-fails because the unit is shut down, but obligation panel lists 2xInfinity. (Need to just say 'Auto Fall' any time the TN is Infinity.)
When receiving damage when weapons and melee are declared but not resolved, PSR obligation button presents after melee—-would make more sense for it to be before or right after resolve weapon attack button.
Crits rolled for destroyed locations even if there is no ammo there. (This may be desirable though technically incorrect...)

!!! Seleting 'run' or 'Jump' does not produce a PSR obligation when damage would require one. [FIXED]
Catalyst logo needs moved up so not to cover BG for LL crits 1 + 2 [FIXED]

! No way to delete/remove sheets. [FIXED]
! Log window doesn't auto scroll and doesn't seem to be scrollable-—too many items can hide confirm button.
Need an orientation lock. [Looks to be no built in mechanism...] [Fixed in chrome?]
Performance dives when setting heat below current heat level.
Preloading graphic for custom image would be nice now that there's a delay from orientation processing...

! 'Set image' input for mech image sometimes does nothing. (???) [FIXED]
! Dice images in log sometimes don't display. [FIXED]
Mech selection menu not clearing after selection made. [FIXED]


Added: Jump distance can be set w/ heat generated.
Added: Physical attacks can be declared and resolved (w/ related effects for missed kicks and DFA outcome.).
Added: Dump Ammo by touching and selecting "Dump...".
Added: Attacks forbidden by circumstances (e.g. prone and can't prop, no punching when firing w/ arm).
Added: Go prone: Touch mech data and drag to 'go prone'.
Added: 'Accept damage' by touching 'Armor Diagram': Prevent damage from multiple phases from triggering a PSR.
Added: Falling damage listed in log.
Added: Basic preloading.
Added: Heat changes can be dismissed.

Changed: Attacking and heat application require confirmation.
Changed: Variety of visual changes.
Changed: Some copy changes to obligation buttons.
Changed: Heat scale shows upcomming changes immediately after 'next turn'.
Changed: Heat scale can be modified before or after heat has been applied.

Fixed: Attack location results did not note possible critical (roll of 2).
Fixed: Losing a section with critted heat sink(s) resulted in incorrect heat sinks.
Fixed: Falling damage did not resolve possible criticals for location rolls of 2.
Fixed: Feature sniffing and notification not working in IE.

Known issues: Marking armor/internal dots with stylus while prone is super wonky.
Known issues: Applying heat while unconscious from last turn will auto roll conscious check. [FIXED]


Fixed: Sheet sizing in window.

3.0.0a 🎉

Added: Prototype record-keeping functionality. 🎉🎉🎉 (Oldtech only)

Change: Items in inventory with quant greater than 1 are no longer pluralized.


Change: Masthead updated
Removed: Removed BLANK sheet (for now)
Added: Small sheet reveal animation


Making it easier to grab a single pdf for writing on
Selecting a unit now adds a new sheet. They're deleteable.
Note: Firefox 63 released with support for custom elements. Not going to support older browsers.

Fixed: Mech picker suggestions sometimes stop showing up.


Changed: Physical attack modifiers include those based on attack type, e.g. kick is piloting -2
Changed: Record-sheet is set to fit vertically instead horizontally.
Fixed: Text-doubling artifact in some places when printing from Safari and Firefox.
Fixed: Missing bold weight from some text when printing from Chrome.
Fixed: Mech picker search is now completely case-insensitive.
Fixed: Baseline alignment issue in mech picker.
Added: Browser page title changes to match displayed unit.
Added: Browser feature detection.
Changed: Under the hood...
xhr requests are now asynchronous
record-sheet and mech picker are now custom HTML elements; minimum browser requirements are now higher until I polyfil.

Known Issues:
Arrowing to unit out of frame doesn't auto-scroll to that unit.
Forward/back navigation broken.
Sword damage not rounded.


Added: All inherent weapon / attack modifiers listed as flags on the left
Added: Ultra + R/AC damage includes r#
Change: Lots of text justification adjustments (what a pain!)
Change: Inventory header text to better fit the fact that physicals are listed.
Change: Weapon damage types listed for cluster and rapid fire.
Change: Moved heatsink type label
Change: Back to previewing untyped full name for selected mech
Fixed: Sometimes when loading new mech, second punch entry would be missing
Fixed: Arm armor label position when no hands
Fixed: Rear location labels in inventory
Fixed: Damage for RAC/5
Fixed: Typo in Light Gauss name
Known issue: Heavy Gauss damage doesn't fit.

Various changes under the hood...


Added: Physical attacks listed in inventory.
Added: TSM damage included with swords and hatchets.
Fixed: Issue where equipment after MASC would be improperly bracketed.
Change: Missile damage listing now max-per-salvo instead of per missile.
Tweak: Crushing inventory damage letter-spacing to fit TSM values.
Tweak: Reduced inventory leading to accomidate more things.
Misc things under the hood.


Starts on 'blank' sheet
Added BLANK 'unit'
Improved some text field size consitancy
Change: Mechs with single heat sinks no longer show heatsink capacity
Change: Mechs without hands don't show hands on armor diagram


Tweaked toolbar layout
Change: Preview images are now added by clicking portrait box
Fixed: Image preview bug introduced in 2.0.2


Improved mech selection menu: Type anywhere for suggestions; move selection with up and down arrows at any time; press enter or click unit name to load; press esc to hide suggestions.
Added contact form for issue reporting.
Adjusted printing styles.
Fixed: ATM3 ammo name.
Fixed: Heavy medium laser range.
Fixed: Clan Light Active Probe missing in inventory.
Fixed: Techbase missing space before year.


Added equipment bracketing.
Added permanent URLs for units. e.g. http://flechs.net/content/sheets2/#Archer%20ARC-2R
Added version # at bottom of sheet.
Can now use browser’s navigate-back to go to previously opened sheet.
Fixed: Clan Narc Missile Beacon missing from inventory.
Fixed: Clan Narc ammo listed as Gauss ammo.


Rebuilt from scratch using HTML/SVG/CSS/Javascript. (Original in Flash)
Redesigned for tablet use.



Render classic Battletech recordsheets in a browser (and print).